Customize Your Leg Movement with Adaptive Motion Trainers

Try the Precor AMT 825 award-winning adaptive motion trainer equipment. This equipment gives a great cardio workout, allowing users to be versatile in the flow of their movements for a more intense effect. There is no impact on motion, and the machine gives a smoother and more natural rotation. You can control the duration of your exercise, as it actually follows your commands and what direction you would like to go in. Train for a marathon or just exercise for health – it strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and maintains stamina and more.

If you are a runner you may be focusing more on your stride and technique, and the Precor is excellent for this. It makes you push past your comfort zone and really get the workout that you need. Whatever your fitness goal is, or even if you just want to get a good workout, you cannot go wrong with this fitness equipment. Feel the burn and power in your body, especially in your legs, all in one machine. No switching gym systems to get the cardio and lower body strength needed. You can transition from running to climbing very easily and it is user-friendly.

There are no limitations to what you can do and you can work out every part of your body without a doubt. It’s as simple as pushing the quick start button, and you can change motions mid-workout. You have 4 preset buttons that you can always turn on if you do not want to manually work the AMT 825. Motions include deep lunges, stair climbing, short strides such as walking, mid-range strides such as jogging, and long strides such as running. The stride length on the AMT will show you the distance of your stride as you work out.

You can enter your weight to get an accurate workout plan and it also shows your heart rate while working out. If this seems too good to be true, stop in to visit Fitness Expo and let our Fitness Specialists take care of any questions. We can put the Precor AMT 825 to the test, no obligation required. We guarantee nothing less than fitness heaven to guide you to the workout goal that you have been longing to reach.