Designing the Best Home Gym

Designing the Best Home Gym

Designing a great home gym does not have to be hard. At Fitness Expo we are here to help you design a home gym no matter what situation or space you have to work with. Our fitness experts at our six store locations are here to support you every step of the way towards your fitness goals.

A home gym can help keep your entire family in great shape. Exercising at home is much more convenient for many people, both by avoiding paying expensive gym membership fees and the lack of privacy at a public gym. Plus it takes time to drive to the gym. When you add in the increasing cost of gas, one can easily see how a home gym makes a lot of sense for the modern family. A home gym will save you money. Here are some questions to ask yourself when starting the process of designing your home gym:

What are my fitness goals? What about other members of my family?
While some people may simply want to tone muscles and maintain a basic level of physical fitness, others might be more interested in weight loss or body building. These needs might vary a lot based on individual family member needs. Physical disabilities need not hinder you from a great workout. Seated ellipticals and other low impact options make physical fitness a reality for everyone.

How much space can I dedicate to a home gym?
At Fitness Expo, there are many different machines to meet a variety of space requirements. A home gym can offer a wide variety of fitness options without taking up an excessive amount of space. Space efficient machines such as ellipticals and adaptive motion trainers can offer a total body workout without taking up more than a corner of one room.

What is my budget?
Although a quality fitness machine costs more than the machines you find at large chain stores, there is a world of difference in the performance and quality. Don’t be fooled by cheap fitness equipment. If you are paying gym membership fees, you will save money by purchasing quality equipment. At Fitness Expo we can find a machine to fit your budget.