Different Mistakes You Are Making On The Elliptical

Different Mistakes You Are Making On The Elliptical

An elliptical is one of the best exercise machines you can utilize to help you get in a complete body workout in the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you are looking at standing or sitting elliptical machines, each provides many benefits. 

As with other types of workout equipment, it’s important to utilize the machine properly to maximize its potential benefits. 

This is why we have put together a comprehensive list of the 10 common mistakes people end up making on the elliptical that can hinder the overall effectiveness of your workouts, but also contribute to increasing the risk factor for injuries. 

By avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to maximize your efforts with your elliptical machine workouts.

Not Setting Proper Goals On Your Elliptical Machines

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not setting or adhering to short and long term goals. 

The fact is, you will never achieve goals you don’t set. 

This is especially true when it comes to working out. Without goal setting in place, you will find yourself completing the same workout over and over which can cause you to plateau.

 Instead, it is crucial to progressively improve each session either in duration, resistance, or both. 

Even reducing the incline of your elliptical machine can yield better results. 

Thus, you need to set specific and attainable goals and consistently measure and track your results to see yourself hitting new goals.

Here’s how to use the elliptical machine for interval training

You Won’t Add Resistance

When using elliptical trainers, it is nearly impossible to see significant results without any resistance at all.

No matter how long you workout for, you won’t get the significant results you are seeking without resistance in your workouts. Thus, you want to ensure that you are adding sufficient resistance to your workouts. Try to go at a steady pace until you wear yourself out. The advantage of seated machines is the ability to have adjustable seats. 

You’re Maintaining Poor Posture

When using the elliptical, you want to avoid slouching at all costs. 

When you slouch, not only do you place unnecessary strain on your back which can lead to injury, but you also minimize the engagement of your core muscles which can reduce the effectiveness of your workouts. 

By maintaining an erect state and optimal posture, you will be able to increase the chances of targeting all of your core muscles that can ensure you are getting the complete and total body workout you wanted. 

However, keep in mind that there are various types of elliptical machines that can provide different results. 

Therefore, you want to do your research before deciding on one. If you are looking to burn more calories, you might want to consider recumbent exercise bikes.

You Continue To Do The Same Workouts

As mentioned, you want to look to change things up every now and then. Shifting intervals can be very important for any kind of exercise. 

Not only will it make things more interesting which will get you more engaged in your workouts, but it can help to boost your caloric burn. 

To avoid making the common yet critical mistake of doing the same workouts over and over, you should look to change your resistance consistently and work on different pacing throughout your workouts.

Not Programming The Machine

A very common mistake a lot of people make is not inputting your height and weight into the machine prior to getting started. 

Unfortunately, not inputting this information can end up skewing the caloric information you are getting. 

However, you don’t want to stop your workouts based on stats alone. Some machines have virtual coaching which can help to push you even further and keep you fully motivated.

Octane seated elliptical - Fitness Expo

Get an easy-to-program machine such as the Octane XR6XI Smart Elliptical

Your Elliptical Is Making Noises

One of the best things about an elliptical trainer is the fact the machine makes little to no noise at all. 

elliptical machine controller - Fitness Expo

If something is making noise while you are using it, you will want to stop using the machine right away. 

It generally means you aren’t using the machine properly. It could mean you aren’t using the right amount of resistance and you are moving too fast for it.

You Only Use Your Lower Body

One of the advantages of an elliptical has to do with it offering a total workout. 

The upper body needs to be a focus of your workouts, as well. 

You want to incorporate moving the handles 3 days per week when you are working out with your elliptical. 

A good way to integrate this into your routine is by focusing on your arms solely for a minute and then switching to your lower body for 5 minutes and continuing with that routine.

You Are Pushing Too Hard With Your Feet

One thing you don’t want to do is workout until your feet are numb.

elliptical trainers - Fitness Expo

Avoid putting unnecessary stress and pressure on your toes as it will tire out your feet faster which can limit your exercise duration and effectiveness. 

Sit back on your heels and allow your larger muscles to do the heavy lifting.

You Don’t Go Backwards

By moving backward with the machine, you will be able to force your larger muscle groups to put in work. This can help to strengthen both your hamstrings and glutes.

You Are Only Using Your Elliptical

While you want to use your elliptical plenty, you should incorporate other forms of exercise into your routine.

Whether it be bodyweight exercises or free weight exercises, you don’t want to solely stick to your elliptical.

Don’t Do the Same Mistake Again

Next time you hop on your standing or seated elliptical machine, be sure you are doing the tips above.

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