Discover How You Can Build Your Own Home Gym For Less Than $200

Discover How You Can Build Your Own Home Gym For Less Than $200

In a world of $30-a-pop fitness classes and $150 yoga mats, it might seem as if fitness is just unaffordable. However, the truth is that staying in good shape does not have to cost you a fortune.

A majority of people are now opting to quit the expensive gym memberships and workout in the comfort of their homes. The benefit of working out when you want is that there is a higher chance of you sticking to your exercise routine.

There is an endless number of ways through which you can find fitness and exercise equipment for less in Jackson MS. This could include buying wholesale fitness equipment from Fitness Expo so that you create your own free workout routine when you’re on a budget.

Here are some great and inexpensive exercise equipment you can buy and use to realize all your fitness goals.

Foam Roller

If you are looking for some inexpensive wholesale exercise equipment for your home gym, then the foam roller should be at the top of your list. A foam roller is an excellent home gym accessory because it aids in pain relief, muscle recovery, and improving your stability. Foam rolling after your workout provides you with numerous benefits like increased range of motion, muscle tension relief, and prevention of injuries. Loosening your tight body muscles with your body weight alone is similar to an effective massage that does not come at a hefty price tag.

Flat Bench

Another piece of inexpensive gym equipment you should acquire is the flat bench. The beauty of this piece of equipment is that you could use it for your standard exercises like the dumbbell chest press or use it instead of the plyometric box, usually a raised, firm platform with a height of 6 to 42 inches for jumping and step-up exercises. The step, which is another classic aerobic tool, is also a good option because you could use it as a bench, a tool for your step aerobics, and a low plyometric box. Each piece of equipment will cost you close to $90 so you will need to decide which one is the most ideal for your workouts.

If your focus is mainly on strength training, the chances are that you will benefit more from the bench. The Hoist HF-4164 Folding Flat Bench is a great option. On the other hand, if you like performing exercise videos, the Step might be the right piece of equipment for you.


There is a reason why dumbbells have become a staple piece of equipment for gyms in Jackson MS and around the world; results are guaranteed. Dumbbells are usually easy to incorporate into any kind of exercise and when they are used appropriately, they could aid in building body strength.

The pricing of dumbbells usually varies by weight, style, and brand, so you will need to shop around testing out several brands before settling on the right one for your needs. It is always a good idea that you begin with a minimum of three to six sets of dumbbells whose weight varies from 5 to 20 pounds. You should expect to spend about $1 to $4 for every pound so a 10-pound dumbbell should not cost you more than $40.


Kettlebells have probably been around for centuries and only surfaced recently as a trendy exercise accessory. Kettlebells are usually designed in a manner that the bell-shaped lower part is topped by a handle. The impressive aspect of this design is the uneven distribution of the weight. Because the bell weighs more than its handle, as you swing, lift, and press the kettlebell, your body will have to constantly adjust to the changing gravitational pull. And just like the dumbbells, kettlebells usually help you increase the amount of weight you lift when performing exercises like shoulder presses, lunges and squats.

Additionally, kettlebells give you a powerful cardiovascular workout when you want to perform swing exercises. Similar to other weighted tools mentioned above, the pricing of kettlebells usually vary by weight, so you should spend between $1 and $3 per pound.

Suspension Trainer

One of the most difficult muscle groups to work while at home is the lats, which is arguably the largest muscle group in your back. Look at it this way, it is pretty much easy for you to exercise your legs with squats and lunges, your arms with shoulder exercises, triceps and biceps, and chest with pushups but what about the back? While you can perform rows with your dumbbells, it is quite difficult for you to mimic the movement of a lat pull-down in your basement.

Purchasing a pull-up bar could be one option, but nothing provides better results than the suspension trainer. You can hang these straps from the door, wall, ceiling, and they are adjustable making it possible for you to perform unassisted or assisted pull-ups with the extra element of instability. In addition, they are not just great for the back but you can use them for your full-body workout as you press, pull, and push yourself through various movements.

The Ab Carver Wheel

Rolling an ab wheel might look incredibly easy for anyone who is watching videos online but the added instability of the ab carver makes it one of the most effective workout equipment you can have in your home gym. This piece of equipment not only works all your abdominal muscles and cause you to have them fully engaged but also provides your arms with a nice workout.

Building a home gym must not cost you a fortune, and the easiest way to equip it is with fitness equipment wholesale accessories. With a suspension trainer, a few dumbbells, a jump rope and a foam roller, you can easily enjoy a magnificent workout for less than $200.

With inexpensive exercise equipment available for purchase, what you now need is the motivation. Having all the equipment in the world is of no good if you cannot use them. It does not really take much for you to get in shape, provided you have the commitment to do it.