Discover the Connection Between Mind, Body, and Fitness

Discover the Connection Between Mind, Body, and Fitness

The inevitable connection between your mind and body definitely has an impact on your overall fitness and health. Discover the compelling connection between the mind, body, and fitness to help improve your health and perspective.


The Power of Being Positive


The mind-body connection is constant. It happens subconsciously, without our realizing it. While some people like to focus on this connection by doing yoga or meditating, it is always existent. For this reason, it is important to think positively about diet and exercise. People who are defeated before they start are unlikely to achieve the level of success they want. Sometimes it takes practice to eliminate negative thoughts that could fuel self-destructive behavior. Accept your mistakes and take small steps of improving your thought pattern and behavior. When you do something positive, celebrate your victory and remember it to encourage your next one.


Stress Gets in the Way


Stress can distract you from your healthy goals and produce cortisol, which can lead to added fat around the middle. Long-term stress can make people more prone to developing chronic disease, including heart disease and diabetes. Learn how to relieve stress through deep breathing and focusing on positive thoughts. Exercise to reduce the stress in your life. A home gym is a great way to get exercise any time you feel the need for this relief. Invest in equipment that you enjoy using. For example, if you like rowing a boat on the lake on a warm summer day, get a rowing machine that takes you back to those moments. The WaterRower Classic is quiet, smooth and make from woods harvested from replenish-able forests.


You Really Are What You Eat


The old saying that states you are what you eat is true. Too much fat, sugar, and carbohydrates can lead to lethargy, negative mood swings and weight gain. Add energizing fruits and vegetables to your diet. Include protein for strength and whole grains for bulk. Low-fat dairy products provide calcium for strong bones and teeth, without added fat. When you need a burst of energy, opt for a protein-packed snack rather than a sugary or salty one. Soon your mood will improve, you will feel energized and you won’t experienced unwanted weight gain.


Sleep Matters


Often people wrongly believe they are hungry when they are really tired. A lack of sleep can make you feel edgy, hungry and unfocused. Fit sleep into your daily routine to have the energy and positive perspective you want. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Learn how to unwind before bed by putting away electronics and other external factors that could stimulate you rather than make you feel relaxed. Take time to meditate or breathe deeply to let go of the tension from the day. Soon your body and mind will look forward to getting the sleep they need.


A well-balanced lifestyle that includes positive thinking, well-balanced meals, regular exercise and plenty of sleep is the best way to relieve stress and feel your best.