Discover the Joys of Childhood to Get in Shape

Discover the Joys of Childhood to Get in Shape

When we were children, it was easy to fit exercise into the day. Going for a bike ride with friends, playing sports and running to school were all part of a regular day. As we get older, it seems to become more challenging to fit movement into our routines. Discover the joys of childhood to get in shape and keep moving for the rest of your life.


Be Impatient


Children rarely stand around and wait for an elevator for five minutes. They will run up the stairs to get to their destination. Few kids wait for someone to call if they want to go biking or shoot some hoops. They head out to have fun and often meet friends along the way. Be impatient instead of lethargic. Take the stairs at work, go for a spontaneous walk and dare to keep moving forward without waiting for anyone or anything else.


Learn to Play


Once you start to work, it almost seems like a guilty pleasure to play. On the other hand, children can’t wait for the school day to end so they can play their favorite sports and games. Learn how to let go of the day and play for awhile. Toss a football, play with a hula hoop and dance to your favorite music in the living room. Learning to play is an excellent way to shed the stress of a busy day and get in shape.


Embrace Spontaneity


Children are spontaneous and unpredictable. If they feel like diving into the lake for a swim, they grab their shorts and do it. Adults tend to follow a routine, such as walking at a certain hour or going to the gym. If the routine is broken, they may skip exercising that day. Learn to roll with the punches and embrace spontaneity. Go for a jog at night, swim in your favorite outdoor setting and enjoy the moment.


Take the Long Way Home


Kids rarely want to rush home to clean the house or do their chores. They wind up getting them done in their own time. Dare to shake up your routine by taking the long way home. Find adventures along the way. Stop to walk at the park or stroll around to do some window shopping. Be curious about life and keep moving. When you get home, blast your favorite music to motivate you while you vacuum, sweep and wash the dishes.


Bring it Home


Make it easy to exercise whenever the mood strikes. If you enjoy spinning classes, bring your favorite activity home. You don’t have to wait for a scheduled class to go spinning. The Horizon M4 spin bike is compact and brings the intensity of a group cycling class right into your own home.


Find ways to rediscover the child within. Become more carefree and spontaneous. Engage in activities that are fun and feel good. Have a sense of adventure rather than obligation. This can help you reduce stress, exercise more often and get in shape. Working out doesn’t have to be a stressful routine. It can be exactly what you want it to be so it fits into any type of day.