Do Elliptical Machines Build Muscle?

Do Elliptical Machines Build Muscle?

Despite common perceptions surrounding the use of elliptical machines, they are not just for low-impact, steady state cardio workouts. In fact, elliptical workouts are a great way for residents of Metairie to build muscle, improve balance, enhance core stability and more.

Elliptical machines provide a full body workout, simultaneously hitting the upper and lower body in a controlled and safe manner, leading to more gains in less time.

So if you would like an answer to the question, “does elliptical build muscle?” Then, you must keep reading to learn more about Metairie elliptical exercise equipment and how the right machine can build muscle and sculpt your body in the New Year and beyond!

Metairie Elliptical Trainer – muscle sculpting machine

Elliptical exercise machines provide a great way to strengthen and build up muscle across a range of muscle groups including but not limited to:

– Glutes
-Thighs / Quadriceps
-Hip Flexors
-Shoulders / Delts
-Adductors and abductors

… and more!

The fact is, when properly utilized, elliptical exercise equipment can give you one heck of a total muscle building workout.

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Found an Elliptical Machine for Sale? – Here’s how to get the most out of its muscle-building qualities…

Upper and Lower Body Combo

The first, and likely the most obvious way to get the most out of your Metairie elliptical exercise equipment is to leverage its full potential.

Many individuals hop on and simply let their legs do all of the work, or their arms, without ever focusing on working particular muscle sets to build and grow. Focus on the mind-body connection between utilizing specific muscles to propel you on the machine, taking note to squeeze your glutes and quads throughout or at varying intervals.

Same goes for your arms. Maintain constant pressure, tension or resistance on your upper and lower body to feel the burn and ignite muscle growth throughout.

A pro tip is to also contract your abs in intervals of 10-20 seconds to improve core strength and stability. Best of all, elliptical exercise machines generally keep you in what trainers refer to as the “fat burning zone”, meaning you’ll be maintaining a heart rate that is optimal for your body to utilize fat for fuel.

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Stride Length

Stride length is important, yet often overlooked aspect of elliptical training. Studies have demonstrated that as stride length increases, so does the amount of calories being burned.

As an added benefit, you’ll improve balance and engage more stabilizing muscles to support the wider stride. When searching for an elliptical machine for sale, be sure to see if it has an “adjustable stride”.

Form / Positioning

Similar to your stride, the way in which you position your body (and weight) will influence the resistance, muscle contraction or extension length, and muscle engagement throughout the movement.

Here are a few key alternative positions you can try:

Calves: maintain all of your weight on the front ball of your feet, keeping your heel elevated in the air and your toes planted firmly on the pedals. Keep your body in a comfortable upright position, and maintain this gait for intervals of varying time. We suggest 20-40 seconds each. By doing so, you can concentrate on really hitting your calves hard.

Quadriceps: Lower your center of gravity by slightly bending the knees and performing a very slight lunge or squat throughout the movement of the exercise. Be sure to maintain a good grip on the handles so as to help you balance and maintain stability throughout. The added resistance on your quads is a real winner for developing lower body muscle fast. Similarly, you can lean forward on the machine, isolating the propulsion to your legs and minimizing the use of your arms.

Upper Body: Making an effort to not push or flex your legs, while standing upright or leaning slightly backward will isolate the resistance to the handles, thereby increasing the amount of muscle engagement throughout your entire upper body, effectively hitting the delts, lats, triceps and more.

Resistance Levels & Programs

Finding an elliptical machine for sale is half the battle. But you’ll want to make sure you locate one with pre-installed fitness programs and the ability to easily increase or decrease resistance levels.

Both of these key features can be utilized to build muscle fast, and will help you effectively utilize your machine to the fullest.

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Get Started with your Metairie Elliptical Exercise Equipment

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