Do Fitness Trackers Work on Metairie Treadmills?

Do Fitness Trackers Work on Metairie Treadmills?

Most of our tech-savvy consumers here in Metairie are aware of fitness trackers— e.g., what they are, what they do, etc. For those not yet in the know, fitness trackers are small devices that can either be built into your machine or worn that perform a variety of tasks to track your fitness and activity through the day.

One question our fitness consultants ask is: Do they work? Curious consumers want to know if they are accurate; if yes, how accurate? Do they work for treadmills or just count your steps? Are there treadmills for sale in Metairie with built-in trackers that work well?
The answer: It depends on the tracker.

Not All Trackers are Created Equal

Some fitness trackers will track your steps. Some will give advice on workouts and reps. Others have an app that helps track the quality of your sleep cycles.

The lesson here? Know before you buy! How do you want the tracker to help you?

Do you want something that travels with you and keeps track throughout the week? Or do you want a tailored workout on a machine?

Some everyday walkers want to track their steps and distances, while other everyday gym-goers want advice to get the most out of their workout. Are you interested in walking and cardio, or are you looking into weights or resistance training?

Water resistance and proofing is another factor: most fitness trackers don’t work for aquatic activities.

Looking for a treadmill for sale that is known to have excellent biometrics and fitness tracking?

Consider anything from BH Fitness, Precor or Horizon such as:

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Know Your Calibration

To get the most out of your tracker, you need to get into those settings! Your height, weight, and stride are just a few of the things that affect your tracker’s accuracy. No one person is the same, and this affects your results.

Wearable trackers need this information to provide accurate information. Your build and specifications help the wearable trackers and their apps provide accurate data.

Calibration shouldn’t be ignored in your gym equipment like treadmill machines, either! If they have built-in trackers and workouts, don’t just hit ‘Quick Start’ and start pumping. Taking the time in plugging in your physical information helps the machinery in tailoring your workout and tracking your progress.

Most Metairie treadmills for sale come with detailed instructions to set up profiles for different members of your household, so you don’t need to punch new data every day.

Location Matters

This has more to do with your wearable trackers: where you wear your fitness tracker affects how accurately it tracks. Studies have shown that for everyday activities, you should wear the tracker on your non-dominant hand; when running (such as on a treadmill machine), the device is more accurate with steps when attached to your waist!

If you choose to wear your tracker on your dominant hand, that’s OK— you just need to tell it. Trackers will reduce sensitivity on dominant hands because they typically move a lot more than non-dominant hands, especially when we aren’t walking. By not informing the tracker of its location, you risk getting a lot of fake positives for stepping counts.

Choosing the Best Trackers for Treadmills

While trackers are constantly evolving, almost all the machines and wearables on the market have high accuracy rates for what they offer to track. The only thing currently debated is whether or not they accurately track the number of calories burned.

One more major difference separates integrated and wearable fitness trackers: freedom of choice. With integrated, the machine needs to fit your needs. This is often the primary variable in choosing a machine, with trackers falling to secondary.

With wearable trackers, you have more choice. You can try different versions and even upgrade as time passes. Trackers can be watches, necklaces, headphones, and more! The most common (and the most developed) is the wrist device. These can be clipped on other areas of your clothing, such as a belt for tracking running.

As with any purchase, you’ll want to research before you buy. Keep in mind the things we’ve discussed: what are you wanting to track, do you need it waterproof, where are you going to wear it, and how easy is it to calibrate. Get the best treadmills in Metairie here at Fitness Expo.