Do Stair Steppers Work Abs?

Do Stair Steppers Work Abs?

There’s a lot of questions out in Shreveport about stair stepper exercise equipment and how effective they are when it comes to abs. People looking to buy the best stair stepper exercise equipment want something that gives them as much of a full body workout as possible.

However, it depends on what exactly you’re looking for within your workout. While the abs, and more generally your core, connect your upper and lower body, which a stair stepper is known to work out, the real question is “what kind of ab workout are you looking for?”

How Abs Work

To unpack this question, we need to understand how the abs work.

The part of the body known as ‘abs’, is actually several interconnected systems of muscle that are comprised of the:

  • Rectus abdominis
  • Interior obliques
  • Exterior obliques
  • Transverse abdominis.

Most people know all of these as you can see them; the obliques are those that run up vertically on the torso, the rectus is the ones that muscle magazines like show you to motivate you to workout. If that’s the kind of ab workout you’re looking for, then a stair stepper isn’t going to get you there unless you’re looking to simply burn fat to show off what you already have.

However, the transverse abdominis can actually be targeted by stair stepper exercise machines.

By spending twenty to thirty minutes on the Stairmaster 8 Freeclimber, you can hit the transverse abdominis, which is a horizontal muscle group that acts as an organic ‘girdle’ for your inner organs and gives shape to your other ab groups.

Working this out on its own will slim you down and the stair-stepping action will give this area some workout. Just don’t expect to come off the Stairmaster with that muscle mag look.

If you have hidden abs under a bit of fat, though, this is the best stair stepper exercise equipment that can reveal what you already got that may be hidden under a couple of layers of french fries.

The Best Stair Stepper Machines For Abs

So what do you do if you’re looking for that ab workout and think that stair stepper exercise equipment isn’t going to get you there? What if you want to work out all four groups of abdominal muscles?

You could mix situps in before and after hitting a stair stepper exercise machine like Stairmaster Treadclimber 5 and feel confident that you got the concentration on abs you were looking for but for a more targeted approach, this might not be enough for your needs. Even the best stair stepper exercise equipment can’t do what the most basic situps can accomplish.

However, if you have room for two workout machines, supplementing your stair stepper exercise machine with a true ab machine like the Ab Coaster CS1500 can ensure you get maximum impact on your midsection that you’re looking for.

It’s not necessary to go that far out for your workout if you’re still set on getting stair stepper exercise machine for your workout goals. It’s a lot easier to get the ab workout without a machine than it is to get the stair stepper exercise without a machine.

Off-Machine Workouts For Better Abs

Before and after your session on the best stair stepper exercise equipment you find, you can do several off-machine workouts to ensure your abs get the attention you’re looking to give them.

One of the best that’s both easy and hits all of the ab groups is the leg lift. Position yourself on a flat surface that’s elevated off the ground and simply bring your knees to your chest. Adjust your hips to each side and repeat this maneuver for the same amount of times for all three centers and left and right sides.

For extra resistance, instead of bringing your knees up, keep your legs straight while you lift them up. By adding this to your stair stepper exercise equipment workout, you can be sure that all of the ab groups get some work and combining it with the stair stepper, you’ll add extra endurance to your overall fitness and get that slim look and strength you’re looking for. It’s all about adapting to what is available and as stated before, it’s easier to hit abs without a machine than it is to hit the stairs.

If you’re in the market for a Shreveport stair stepper exercise equipment, let Fitness Expo Stores help. Give us a call at 318-596-0148 or stop by our Shreveport location and talk to one of our expert representatives and we can on a stair stepper that works for you.