Don’t Let Weather Ruin Your Workout

When it’s snowing or raining outside, why waste a day of not working out with your bicycle? Come check out Fitness Expo’s “Home Spin Cycle from Tsunami.” This professional and quality machine does wonders, providing a lifetime of endurance and fitness. Features such as the quick release ratchet system create adjustment for the height of the seat, and the handlebars are very accessible. You can spin the bike to your personalized body structure which is very relaxing and gives you the most out of your work out. This system weighs about 50lbs and provides great resistance! It does have a nice sturdiness in regards to the structure, and the maximum weight for a user is 350lbs.

Another system, the “Life Fitness F1,” is our folding Treadmill with Life Spring Shock Absorbers. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but you heard it correctly. This system is another home gym that can save space in your room, and it actually folds. It provides a very high quality exercise experience and focuses primarily on speed to walk, and run time. The best feature it possesses is the Go System Quick Start program, which saves your workout plan without you having to input into the system every time you step on your treadmill. Other features include space for an iPod, which was designed to keep you from looking for some place to put your music.

The most valuable feature is the Patented Flex Deck Shock Absorption System. This system reduces stress in the joints approximately 30%. Always putting pressure on your joints by running outside can cause major damage over time, so this machine decreases your chances of any further injuries. Still unsure about whether you have picked the right machine for your everyday workout routine? Do not hesitate to come in to Fitness Expo and ask one of our Fitness Equipment Specialists about many other machines that we carry. We always cater to your needs and exercise goals to ensure quality service and long-term satisfaction, finding what will suit you best. It is our job to provide dedicated, excellent customer service, as well as provide adequate services every day that you walk in our facility. We look forward to helping you find the right exercise equipment!