Dreading That Next Early Gym Session? Let The Gym Come To You!

Does the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym make you burrow deeper into the covers? This feeling can continue indefinitely and result in dismal levels of weight gain and other associated griefs.

By the time you eventually take a hard look at yourself and try to begin a workout schedule, it is already too late. Then you get discouraged and return to hiding under the sheets. Read on for some tips on how to stay motivated and maintain an organised morning workout routine through a home gym.

Get Ready for It

Mental preparation before a work out is an essential key to get you out from under the covers in the first place. Finding your reason for staying fit, talking yourself into it and setting goals are great ways to get ready for a morning workout.

When you decide you need a certain level of fitness to stay healthy throughout your life in order to climb mountain Everest, see your grandkids grow up, or just simply fit back into your favourite pair of skinny jeans, working out in the morning wouldn’t be so difficult. Setting goals, both small and big will equally provide something to look forward to with each work out.

Plan a Routine

A routine workout is easier to follow and stick to than simply jumping up in the morning and going through the paces of any exercise you feel in the mood for on a particular morning. What areas of your body need the most attention? Divide workouts into groups.

Abs day, Leg day, and so on. After that write out clearly how many reps needed per day to achieve your body goals. There are useful workout apps that can help you create a standardized routine to achieve your goals at set times in the comfort of your own home.

Create a Home Gym

A home gym can be the ideal solution for people who enjoy working out in solitude, or for families with young children. All you need is the time and space that is free from disruption and distraction to have an effective workout. A home gym will improve the chances of more regular work outs especially when you are mentally prepared and already have planned out routines to follow.

A useful tip to consider when creating a home gym is that your fitness needs will evolve over time, and so will your home gym. Therefore, start with the basics, keeping in mind future upgrades. At the right time and with a bigger budget, you will eventually make those additions.

The fitness equipment you choose to purchase for your home gym will depend on your lifestyle, preferences and comfort level. If you do not know which pieces to go for, employing the services of Professional Fitness Consultants is the best solution.

They have the expert knowledge required for electing the best equipment that would ensure you get successful results with your fitness goals. Also, they can assist in working with your budget to find the best quality fitness equipment at the best prices so your home gym venture does not end up costing you more than is absolutely necessary.

Essential Items to Outfit your Home Gym

Before starting on a shopping spree for fitness equipment for your gym, these questions need to be considered:

  • What are my fitness goals?
  • What do I already have?
  • What equipment would help me meet my fitness goals with the highest level of safety?

Aside the obvious importance of the first two questions, safety is extremely important when working out alone. Because of the absence of a professional to spot errors in your technique, you could hurt yourself. So, go for equipment you already know how to use, or invest in some training sessions to learn the safest way to use the equipment you get.

Our recommended Fitness Equipment for a home gym include the treadmill, stationary bike, and a good kettlebell.

Essential gym item: Treadmill

We like a treadmill for home work out because it affords a highly customizable workout. Set it up in your bedroom, just a yawning distance away from your bed, or in front of your TV for a great workout. When the first thing you see when you wake up is your shiny new Precor TRM731 Treadmill, we doubt you could resist working out in the morning.

Essential gym item: Spin Bike

We are huge fans of low intensity heart rate training. It is simply one of the best ways of getting a great workout to deliver great health benefits while you do other things. Your early morning workout doesn’t have to be a boring affair. Sit on a spin bike while you watch your favourite TV series, listen to an inspiring podcast, or have a chatty phone call with your best friend.

Essential gym item: Upright Bike

With an upright stationary bike, you can enjoy great cardiovascular workout in the morning without hurting your joints. The Precor UBK 615 upright bike combines the beneficial features of a commercial bike and brings them to you in your own home. Upright bikes are also a great means of keeping in shape without dragging yourself out to the gym at dawn.

Creating a home gym is best thing you can do to stay motivated to work out in the mornings. Buy a treadmill or an upright bike to get you moving. You will find that soon you can put a big green check sign right next to your fitness goals.