Here are the Easy Ways to Start Exercising

Here are the Easy Ways to Start Exercising

When you have stopped exercising for a while, it can seem like a monumental feat to try to working out again. Whether it has been 6 months or 16 years, it can be difficult to get back on track. Consider a few easy ways to start exercising again for optimum health.


Chat With Your Physician


Get back into exercise by chatting with your physician. Share your health concerns with your doctor and express your desire to start exercising again. Your doctor is sure to support the idea and find ways to help you become active. People with serious health issues might be advised to work with a physical therapist, dietitian or other professionals. Others might be encouraged to get motivated. Your doctor will let you know what exercise is best and how long you should do it.


Start Walking


Walking is one of the most basic and advantageous exercises. It does not require anything other than desire and a decent pair of sneakers or walking shoes. Start by walking to get the morning paper. Another option is to park in the back of parking lots when you do errands. These are simple ways to fit 5-10 minutes of walking into your day. If you’re apprehensive about this due to your age, here’s the thing; there’s no rule that you need to be of certain age to incorporate walking into your exercise. Check out these health benefits of walking for seniors.

Keep Moving


There are many opportunities to keep moving throughout the day. Take the stairs rather than the elevator when you get to work. Stroll around the halls or outside perimeter of the building during your lunch break. Do stretches at your desks, such as ankle rolls and arm circles. Stand when you talk on the phone rather than sitting. Find ways to keep moving so you get accustomed to being active.


Make Movement Fun


Do you remember playing basketball or bike riding when you were a kid? Try to fit your favourite activities into your day. This is a way to make working out fun so you look forward to it, rather than dreading it. Play with your children or grandchildren. Join a fitness class at the local community center, such as tai chi, Zumba or yoga. Plan to take a walk with your friend or walk your dog so you are accountable for exercising each day. Some simple ways to make exercising more fun include the “buddy system”—it’s more fun to get fit with a friend or significant other.


Create Exercise Opportunities at Home


Exercising at home ensures you can fit it into your day. When you have workout machines in your living room, den or basement, you have a gym whenever you are ready for it. Incorporate your favorite activities into your home gym. For example, you can bring the action of spin class into your home with a spin bike. The Horizon M-4 Indoor Cycle Trainer is ideal for users of any fitness level. You can workout at home and show off your improved skills during spin class.


The first step toward exercising is a routine health examination and a healthy dose of motivation. Once you get started, it will feel so you that you won’t want to stop. Keep building on your exercise routine or invest in quality home gyms, and soon you will be leading the active lifestyle you want for better health and a body you can feel proud of.