It’s An Elliptical, It’s A Bike… It’s Both! (And More)

It’s An Elliptical, It’s A Bike… It’s Both! (And More)

Elliptical exercise is great for getting a high performance workout with less impact than traditional leg routines. They can still cause stress on your low back, though, especially if you don’t have proper running body mechanics. Recumbent exercise (such as a recumbent bike) involves seated exercise with back support, offering the ability to still get a good leg workout without putting much strain on your knees or your back. However, range of motion, even in some of the best bikes on the market, is pretty limited, and therefore doesn’t allow a very wide range of muscle groups to be worked.

The answer to all these problems is the Octane XRide Seated Elliptical, now available at Fitness Expo. The XRide is the first machine to create the exercise equipment category of seated ellipticals. One of our staff members at Fitness Expo can show you how it works, and let you see firsthand in the store just what kind of workout you can expect with this machine.

The XRide Seated Elliptical gives you the benefits of both elliptical work and recumbent work with none of the fallbacks. You get a seated position for low back support, and a broader range of motion with elliptical moving pedals. This elliptical movement has been shown to work the glutes 343% more than the traditional cylindrical movements of recumbent bikes. You can even pedal backward! High intensity, low impact. And just like ellipticals, you have moving handles to work the upper body while working your legs.

Let one of our Fitness Expo staff members show you two other great uses that are unique to the XRide: leg presses and chest presses. You can go hands-free and change the amount of resistance the XRide puts on your legs, allowing you to do leg presses as a great strength training routine. You can also go feet-free and use the moving handles and resistance for chest pressing.

Where else will you get an easy-to-use machine that gives high performance, low impact cardio work and also doubles as a great piece of strength training equipment? You’ll find it only with the Octane XRide Seating Elliptical, stocked and sold at all Fitness Expo locations.