Elliptical Exercise Equipment and Its Benefits

Elliptical Exercise Equipment and Its Benefits

Elliptical exercise equipment are stationary exercise machines designed for stair climbing, running, and walking. Unlike other gym equipment, elliptical trainers allow you to work out with less pressure on your joints. Hence, even if you have an injury, it is still possible to exercise and stay fit with elliptical exercise equipment, as these machines are non-impact workout machines.

Elliptical machines were first introduced by Larry Miller in the 1990s. Receiving a patent in 2004, Miller designed the machine by simulating the movement of his daughter’s legs while running alongside a car. From there, he created the first commercial elliptical machine.

Today, there are three kinds of elliptical machines classified according to the location of the motor or “drive.” The oldest type is the “rear drive” elliptical machine. Next is the “front-drive” type and the latest model is the “center-drive” variety. Current varieties of elliptical trainers come with various features such as heart rate monitors, motion sensors, iPod jacks,  and built-in speakers. Some even have TV monitors and touch screen consoles for user customization.

Benefits of Elliptical Exercise Equipment

Lower Body Exercise
The main objective elliptical exercise equipment is to work out your lower body. When using this machine, your leg muscles are being utilized. If you want to build your lower body, most especially the legs, this equipment can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Burn More Calories
As far as building leg muscles and strengthening the heart, elliptical exercise machines are comparable to treadmills. These machines involve an intermediate range of leg movements similar to the stationary bike and treadmill. Studies have revealed that the calorie burning rate of elliptical exercise equipment is similar as that of the treadmill. However, while the amount of calories you can burn when working out on elliptical machines is the same as the amount of calories you can burn on treadmills, the advantage of using elliptical machine is that it does not only work on your lower body. It also works on your shoulders, chest, back and arms. For 20 minutes, you can already have a good full body workout with the elliptical machine.

Increase Aerobic Capacity
Apart from that, the best thing about the elliptical exercise equipment is that it helps you increase your aerobic capacity. In fact, by working on it three times a week you can significantly improve your aerobic capacity. This is most important if you are looking to stay fit. If your aerobic capacity is high, you will be able to perform fitness activities for long periods of time and if you have the endurance to do so, then you can lose more weight or build muscles and achieve your dream figure fast.

Another benefit of using elliptical exercise equipment is that they are usually easy to store. If your concern is your space at home, you can always find foldable elliptical machines that you easily set up when you need it and store under the bed or in a closet when you are done exercising. What’s more, there are newer models integrated with amazing features, such as internet browser and many more.

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