What an Elliptical Trainer Can Offer You: Knowing the Techs and Specs

What an Elliptical Trainer Can Offer You: Knowing the Techs and Specs

When looking to purchase fitness equipment, always investigate the specifications of the equipment you are considering. Stop by the showroom and let Fitness Expo’s experts help you do your homework and choose from several models of elliptical ranging from standing, seated, and outdoor machines. They value each customer relationship forged, assisting you in making the soundest decision for your fitness goals and your budget.

ATSM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F2810 Standards
Elliptical trainers fall under three types: One category for trainers having both movable and fixed handlebars, and two separate categories for those having either movable or fixed handlebars. User age limit for these specifications is 13 and up. Manufacturing and design compliance with ATSM F2810 standards along with F2810 testing methods and specification F2276 is to minimize injury while using elliptical. Other specifications:

  • Equipment Specifications – Ramp angle (# of positions); crossramp technology; reversible pedal motion; biomechanics
  • Console Features – Type; quick start; preset programs; user IDs
  • Resistance System – Maximum levels
  • Warranty – Should be comprehensive; lifetime for frame and welds; 5 years mechanical/electrical parts; 1 year labor

Octane XR4 Series (C and Ci models) – This seated compact elliptical trainer boards with transport wheels to effortlessly move when needed. The XR4 Series has a fully loaded LED display and PowerStroke Technology. The user has the benefit of four heart rate programs, type 2 moveable handlebars, and a classic, low-impact workout in a seated position.

ElliptiGo 11R – Kicking eleven speeds for maximum ride versatility, the 11R, designed for outdoor enthusiasts, leads the pack as the lightest elliptical worldwide (a mere 40 lbs). Built for racing, and sporting carbon-fiber drive arms, the 11R warranty covers 5 years on the frame, and 2 years for the steering column, fork, crank arms and drive arms. Paint, other parts, and decals have a 1-year coverage.

Precor EFX 5.23 – A latest generation elliptical, marketed by Fitness Expo, this is a small footprint machine that ensures a total body workout, with 8 preset programs, touchscreen and remote heart rate monitoring, 16 resistance levels, Type 2 movable handlebars that ensure a smooth, total body, low impact experience, all packaged with a comprehensive warranty.
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