Running is a hot trend right now. It seems like everyone is fighting to get in line for 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, marathons, fun runs, color runs, Spartan challenges, obstacle courses, zombie runs, muddersthe list goes on and on. People all around the country are paying entry fees to go out and run in a variety of atmospheres and distances. Why? Because running is healthy and fun. You can do it alone or with friends, taking the scenic route or even in the comfort of your own home with work out equipment.

Whether you’re planning to enter the Color Run in Baton Rouge on April 19 or The Warrior Run in Shreveport on April 5, or if you’re looking further out into the year like the Baton Rouge Zombie Bash in October or the Gulf course Half marathon in Shreveport or even Shreveport’s South Highlands Tiger Trot in December, you’re going to want to train. Due to the weather, you can’t always go outside, and sometimes a treadmill is just too high impact.

That’s when you need an elliptical.
Not quite sure if an elliptical is for you? Visit Fitness Expo at one of our showrooms (including racing cities like Baton Rouge and Shreveport) to take a look at what we have in stock. One of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff members can help you out.

There are lots of brands and styles of elliptical cross trainers, including styles that let you get your upper body into the workout as well, to burn more calories and work more muscle groups to help get you in pristine condition for that big race.

Looked at an elliptical and thought, “I need something a little more intense?” Many of our ellipticals have variable incline settings to make you feel like you’re running uphill, but without the strain that such activities put on your knees and lower back. The machines you’ll find at Fitness Expo are the same designs seen in gyms across the country, but priced to take home.

An elliptical lets you train longer and harder without the strain of running on a high impact surface like a treadmill or the concrete, letting you reach your goals faster.