ElliptiGo 11R – It Looks Good, It Feels Good, It is All Good

Elliptical trainers are not just for inside a gym any longer. You can get an outdoor cycle that uses the movement of an elliptical machine to propel the trainer forward. Endurance sports require regular training to prepare the body for the long-distance event, but if you want to train with an elliptical and get outside, check out the ElliptiGo 11R, which is as much fun to use as it looks.

There are several events you might train for using an ElliptiGo 11R. One of these is the five-race Delta States Grand Prix of Cyclocross series. While this series consists of races that are like biking an obstacle course, cardiovascular endurance is critical to completion. Riding on an ElliptiGo can help you to increase your aerobic conditioning in a low-impact workout that gets you acclimated to the elements. Being accustomed to working out in the heat in humidity of Louisiana will give you an advantage if you opt to compete in bicycle races like the Independence Day Classic in Houma.

By riding an elliptical on days when you don’t bike, you can build different muscle groups and still get a workout, and the ElliptiGo 11R is designed to be used on steeper hills and more varied terrain than the other models from the same brand. Because the rider uses different muscles and remains standing throughout the ride, a rider on an ElliptiGo will burn more calories and get a better workout than on a standard bike. This is just one more reason the ElliptiGo is a great option for training the body for endurance events.

The ride on an ElliptiGo uses the same motions as running without the impact, and you can take a test ride or see the machine in person at one of our Fitness Expo stores. It’s a versatile machine that can be used in both flat areas and those with hills. With the 11 gears on this model, you can sprint up to 25 miles per hour or faster and cruise at 15 miles per hour. It also has an aluminum frame and carbon fiber drive arms for reduced weight and strength, even on the most rigorous of workouts. There is also a 409 percent difference between the highest and lowest resistance settings on the ElliptiGo 11R’s 11 different settings.

The ElliptiGo 11R is one of the most unusual exercise machines. The products from ElliptiGo are the only two-wheeled outdoor ellipticals currently on the market, which makes them unique in the fitness market. Anyone who has ridden an indoor stationary elliptical knows the type of ride that comes from an ElliptiGo. Use this machine to get a more intensive workout that is just as good as running without the damage to your joints that high-impact exercises can lead to.

Get your body ready for any upcoming bike race around Louisiana or in other nearby Gulf States by challenging yourself with exercises that change up your routine while still developing your endurance. The ElliptiGo 11R is one exercise machine that can help you do that.