ElliptiGo 8C – An Adaptable Machine for Adaptable Workouts

One of the latest developments in exercise equipment has been the elliptical training bike. They combine the low impact motion of a stationary elliptical trainer with the full body, weight-bearing exercise that you get from riding a bike. This allows you to get the benefit of running without the associated impact on your knees and ankles. At the same time, it provides the benefits of the full cardio workout that you get when you ride a bicycle.

The secret to this is the unique design of the ElliptiGo, which you ride standing up. The cross trainer-style treads allow you to apply all of your weight every time you pedal. This is used to drive the ElliptiGo via the unique patented elliptical drive system that turns the back wheel. The stride length is adjustable to fit every size of rider, and the quality Shimano gearing provides the efficiency of a traditional bicycle, with the eight gears making it suitable for everything from 25 mph sprints to steady hill climbs.

The ElliptiGo 8C is also very light, weighing in at only 44 lbs., which makes it very easy to pedal. This is largely because of the aluminum frame and the minimalist, open design. It also has a very low center of gravity that gives it unique stability for a bicycle, while the low step-through configuration makes it easy to mount. The handlebars are fitted with comfortable Premier Ergon grips that provide convenient hand positions, for riding over every kind of terrain. The ElliptiGo 8C is the mid-range model and there are also 3 and 11 speed models available. The moving parts are all state of the art and engineered for precision and durability.

The staff at our Fitness Expo showrooms can help you to get riding for the first time whether you are just looking for a way to get motivated to start exercising or you are in serious training for endurance events. Either way, riding the ElliptiGo 8C will be the most fun that you have had on a bike, and its innovative design is sure to turn heads on the street.