How to Encourage Teens to Exercise Daily

How to Encourage Teens to Exercise Daily

As teens get older, they might not be as active as when they were kids. Often children are involved in dance classes, martial arts, sports teams, and outdoor play. When they get older, studies become more time-consuming. This means less time for extracurricular activities.

If your teen is becoming sedentary, it’s time to get him or her moving. Discover ways to encourage teens to exercise daily, even when they have hectic schedules filled with exams and touring college campuses.


Limit Phone and Computer Time

Anyone with a teen knows the glow of a computer or smartphone screen on his or her face at all hour of the day and night. Limit your teen’s time with electronics that encourage him or her to sit on the sofa or bed for hours. Most parents pay for these devices but a reluctant to control a teen’s time using them. When they do not have their devices, they will be inspired to get up and start moving around again.


Walk the Dog

Add walking the dog to your teen’s list of daily chores. Usually, a dog needs to be walked multiple times a day. Determine when your teen is likely to be home, such as early mornings, after dinner or before bed. Make that the time when your teen has to take the dog for a stroll. It’s a sure way to fit exercise into the day. Plus, the dog is sure to enjoy having some extra time with your teen.


Get Active Together

Often parents would like to spend more time with their busy teens. Find ways to get active together. Teens enjoy new adventures, and you can create them. Look up challenging hiking trails or campgrounds where you can experience the great outdoors as a family. Spend the day walking around an amusement park.

Plan a family vacation focused on activities, such as a ski trip or a boating excursion. Join the community swimming pool and encourage your teen to come along for a swim. Sign up for a fitness class as the community center, such as yoga or Zumba. Be a good example for your teen to follow.


Setup a Home Gym

Coordinating your schedule with a teen can be frustrating. You might plan to go to the gym together, but there is always something that comes up. Setup a home gym where everyone in the family can workout at his or her convenience.

A den, basement, garage or attic can easily be transformed into a home gym. Include strength training equipment, such as the Life Fitness G4 Home Gym. Add fun aerobic options, such as a treadmill, spin bike, and rowing machine. Your teen is sure to want to use this equipment and play his or her favorite music.


The Gift of Workout Gear

Put exercise right at your teen’s fingertips. Buy free weights and a folding treadmill for his or her room. Even when they want to stay in their space, they will have access to workout gear to keep them moving and healthy.