Enjoy a Professional Quality Workout at Home with Octane’s xR6000 Seated Elliptical Trainer

The xR6000 seated elliptical trainer is the top of the range from Octane and provides the same quality of workout that you would usually have to go to the gym to get. Combining the comfortable posture of a recumbent bike with the smooth, low impact motion of an elliptical trainer, the xR6000 outperforms any other type of seated exercise machine on the market.

The unique range of motion that is afforded by the combination of recumbent design with the naturally ergonomic motion of the pedals comes with a range of 16 exercise programs to help you to reach your fitness goals. There are also 30 different levels of resistance and Octane’s workout boosters that add strength training to the cardio exercises that elliptical trainers provide. The Fitness Expo showroom staffs are qualified to show you through the operation of the fully integrated user friendly controls so that you can be sure that you get the most out of the onboard exercise programs.

The xR6000 is solidly constructed and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, making it suitable for everyone, while the recumbent position and low step through height make it a sensible choice for beginners or remedial users. The comfortable seat is completely supportive and the soft grip pedals are oversized and adaptable to every kind of body geometry. The control panel is an LCD display and provides all of the feedback, like heart rate and calories burned, that you need to accurately monitor your fitness regime. It also provides the option of upgrading the unit with a 900 MHz wireless television receiver or personal viewing screen to help keep you engaged with your workouts. The xR6000 has a medium sized footprint of 36.5″ by 71.5″ that will fit into most family homes, while the unit comes with integrated transport wheels to make it easy to store out of the way when it isn’t in use. Its unique combination of strength and cardio training techniques means that it will suit a wide range of users with differing fitness goals and still be able to provide a great workout every time.