Equip your Home with the Right Fitness Equipment

Equip your Home with the Right Fitness Equipment

Health and physical fitness is not just about sweating your way through endless hours at the gym, till your muscles groan or your lungs burst. Being fit is more about taking a holistic view and enjoying your workout every single day. Many of us have tried variations of workouts and exercise programs and many must have also got those gym memberships at some time or the other.

Too Busy to Workout?
But everyone also leads very busy lives nowadays and maintaining schedules can become an uphill task. This makes setting up a home gym, a much better option and it’s not really too difficult to create a simple gymming zone in your home. All you need is some good equipment like a stationary bike, a rower and if you want to go whole hog- a home gym. It’s the best way of staying fit without stepping out of your home. Here is how these three pieces of equipment can help you:

Bikes – This is a very familiar piece of equipment that is available in upright and recumbent variants and provides a cardiovascular workout. Current-day exercise bikes are pretty sophisticated and offer benefits like:

  • Training the cardiovascular system
  • Easy to use
  • Low impact
  • Burns calories
  • Excellent form of cross training
  • Helps develop leg strength
  • Add variety to weight training exercise routine
  • Occupies less space
  • Portable
  • Affordable

Rowers – These are excellent for toning muscles, losing weight and cross-training. They provide optimum exercise for the legs, arms, ABS and back and the rhythmic motion offers a complete workout. The benefits:

• Low-impact (easy on the ankles & knees)
• High calorie burner (as it uses many muscle groups)
• Excellent for joint health
• Superb aerobic fitness
• Relieves Stress
• Space saving
• Affordable

Home Gym – Just as cardiovascular exercises are important in maintaining health, strength training is important too. It helps in toning the muscles and in weight loss. Investing in a home gym is a great way of keeping your muscles strong and body well-toned. A home gym offers benefits like:

• Convenience
• Privacy
• Health
• Motivation to exercise regularly
• Affordability
• Compact gyms are space savers

Allocating some space for fitness equipment in your home offers convenience. It saves you time and since the equipment is accessible, it is easier to fit your workout into the busiest of days. Say goodbye to waiting your turn and putting up with gym rats- set up a home gym instead!