10 Essential Benefits of Exercising with Vibration Machines

10 Essential Benefits of Exercising with Vibration Machines

Vibration machines are becoming amazingly popular in the health and fitness industry because of the improved fitness results from adding them in a workout regimen.  

An exercise or workout performed on a vibration machine is taking fitness to the next level with the unprecedented achievement of fitness goals.

Vibration machines are also used to enhance proprioceptive response, post-rehab, pain management, and physical therapy.  

It’s widely used by chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletes.

You can do more for your health and live right in better form with a vibration machine.  

This tool is proving that with better and more movement, the better you will also feel.

How a Vibration Machine Works

A vibration machine is generally used as a platform, creating repetitive or vertical motion around a central point.  

It produces a minuscule movement while you perform stationary poses or perform dynamic exercises on the platform.

The vibrations that vary in direction and intensity transfer to you—stimulating your muscles to contract and working out your joints to keep you balanced and stable while performing poses or exercises. 

The reaction of your muscle fibers and motor nerves to the vibration results in strengthened muscles and cardiovascular health improvement.

Fitness and Therapy Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration

Research and testimonials from vibration machine users have proven that using a whole-body vibration machine in a workout or therapy program will carry out notable health benefits for the whole body.

  • Increased Bone Density

Vibration therapy is being recommended for younger and older people who want to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.  

Standing or sitting on a vibrating platform, has been proven in studies to improve bone density.

  • Improved Muscle Strength

Several studies conducted by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises,  and the International Journal of Sports Medicine have shown that performing training and exercises incorporated with whole-body vibration has produced substantial gains in knee and back strength.

Dynamic strength exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, and the like on a vibrating machine platform activates more muscle fibers leading to muscle growth and increased muscle density.  

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The force that comes from the vibration forces your muscles to contract and relax rapidly, building your muscle strength.

  • Weight Loss

Incorporating dynamic exercises on a vibration machine with a healthy diet has proven a 10.5% loss of body weight, according to a study conducted over a 6-month period.

Exercising on a vibration platform increases metabolism that leads to weight loss. 

Specifically, routine vibration therapy reduces the amount of stored abdominal fat, which is linked to prevalent diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and other unfavorable health conditions.  

  • Reduced Negative Impact of Stress

Studies published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and conducted in the University of Cologne in Germany proved that whole-body vibration effectively reduced levels of cortisol, the hormone released when the body is in a state of stress.

Vibration can, therefore, alter the release and concentration of good hormones in your body.   

  • Improved Circulation

The continuous contraction and relaxing of your muscles during a whole-body vibration increases blood circulation in your body.  

As you work your muscles, blood flow increases to ensure that your muscles are adequately oxygenated.  

This speeds up the recovery process, rejuvenates the body, and accelerates metabolic waste removal.

  • Boosts Flexibility and Balance

When you perform exercises on a vibrating platform, your muscles contract 30-50 times in a second.  

Your body’s range of motion is significantly higher compared to performing stretches without the vibrations.

Your core and hip flexors engage to keep your body stabilized when you are performing exercises on a vibrating platform.  

Thus, your body automatically works harder and the muscles around your joints grow stronger overall increasing your flexibility and balance.

  • Stronger Bones

A study conducted by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal showed that vibration training results in leg strength. 

 Stronger bones contribute to your overall strength and prevent osteoporosis. 

  • Enhanced Immunity

Increased blood circulation from working muscles on a vibrating platform stimulates the lymph gland causing the circulation of lymph fluid throughout your body.  

When this happens, more white blood cells are distributed to every organ, enhancing overall immunity.

  • Healthier-looking Skin 

Increased heart rate and blood circulation from exercising on a vibrating platform deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin keeping your skin healthy and promoting the production of collagen and new skin cells.  

  • Relief from Joint and Back Pain

Joint and back pain can be relieved with the help of a vibrating machine when a whole-body vibration is performed correctly and under medical supervision.  

It is best to consult a professional who can match the most effective vibration settings with exercises done to alleviate joint and back pain.

Level Up Your Work-Out and Therapy with a Vibration Machine

Therapy or exercise on a vibration machine provides promising benefits for busy people who try to squeeze in work-outs, athletes who want to step up their fitness game, and anyone who wants to work on achieving fitness goals, even individuals who are undergoing therapy to improve mobility.

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