Essential Points When Considering an Air or WaterRower Rental

Essential Points When Considering an Air or WaterRower Rental

Fitness is the way to live in this technological paradise where so many of our basic manual labor can be relegated to machines. Today, so much of the professional realm involves changing our lives to sit, stand or stay in one spot for most of the day. While our minds are getting the work out of the century, it seems that the rest of us is mostly inert.

But, our bodies are still coming off several millennia of the toughest physical exertion we have known, just to survive. And while we no longer need to chase down mammoths or gather nuts and seeds to live, our muscular systems and cardio still need plenty of exercises to function properly.

The following article will provide an overview of how the water rower can provide this important stimulation that keeps our body as fit and chiseled as the mind must be. The rower gives the land-locked lubber a chance to course over the waves in the comfort of their living room. Allowing them to improve their cardio and muscular conditions without the jarring impacts of jogging, running or sports in their great variety.

Cardio through Rower Machines

Rowing machines provide time-tested exercise programs that have made hardy whalers out of frail youths. Sitting in small water craft the entire body is engaged in balancing the torso and supporting the muscles of the arm and back in striking the water with propelling power.

We are talking about a total body cardio workout that begins with the core and ripples outward building strong arms and legs. Even better, unlike running, jogging or taking up a contact sport, you will enjoy 0-impact in the joints and muscles that can lead to joint conditions in the future. If you are looking to lose weight or build cardio for your new life of intense muscle building, the rower is an advantageous option.

Various Types of Rowers

In addition to the conventional water craft, there are two types of rowing equipment that can help the modern individual develop a strong body and potent cardio system. The conventional mechanical system can be found at gyms everywhere and uses a system of joints and pulleys to simulate the rowing experience.

Then there are water rowing machines which have been designed to closely simulate the movement of a boat through water. This is accomplished with a tank filled with water through which the pedals pass. The resistance is authentic and completely lacks the mechanical grinding of the conventional rower. This allows the resistance to be evenly distributed across the muscular groups at play. Allowing them to be engaged naturally and apply their strength proportionately — this effectively reduces the risk of injury.

Advantages of the Water Rower for Beginner Athletes

Injuries, like great pitfalls and potholes, are strewn across the path of the athlete. For those starting their athletic life from a point of small or low physical strength, the possibility of injury is much greater. If too much resistance is applied to a muscle group that has not been well-exercised, the resistance is imbalanced. This means a few muscles will be shouldering the full brunt of the resistance and can be injured.

For this reason, the novice athlete should look for an all-encompassing low impact routine that can build their strength and physical capacity in a balanced and even way. After the body as a whole, including legs glutes, abs, core, chest shoulders, and neck, has been strengthened the possibility of injury is effectively reduced.

This kind of exercise is what the water rower is all about as the entire body is engaged in meeting the resistance with balanced strength and gradual endurance.

Advantages to the Intermediate Athlete

Intermediate athletes have fine-tuned their process and are at a reduced risk of injury. The focus at this stage will be improvement, interfacing with plateaus and pushing past previous records without pushing too far, which can upset the fitness process and cause time outs.

By this time, the health enthusiast is already quite adept at using the simplistic water rower. Complete with a water-filled-atomizer and strategically [placed fan, you can close your eyes and imagine being lost in a calm lake — there are even ambient sounds available online.

Here is where the water rower allows the intermediate athlete to take cardio and strength training to the next level. As you row faster, the paddle pushing against the water in the tank is going to meet significantly more resistance. This causes the heart to pump faster and places considerable strain on the muscles — love the lactic acid!

The user can greatly increase the resistance and intensity of their workout by increasing their rate of rowing. And, this increased intensity is not applying greater resistance to your back or shoulders but across the flowing motion of the entire body from your legs, core and torso.

The Conventional and Waterrower Rental

The waterrower rental is one of the best cardio machines for improving the physical condition until more and varied options are available. Not everyone live close enough to the waterline to make experienced rowing an option. This is why the waterrower rental plan is ideal for gaining strength and endurance while still holding the option to switch the game up as you conditions improve.