Everything You Need To Know About Dumbbells

Everything You Need To Know About Dumbbells

Let’s just say that dumbbells are our best friend because they are inexpensive, portable, easy to use and at the same time, it allows us to tone every part of the body. However, since they come in various sizes, it can be quite confusing and what most people don’t realize is that it’s not actually a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

For Beginners

According to the American Council on Exercise. beginners must start with a weight that they can easily lift for 12-15 times for one to two sets. Ideally, the dumbbells should be between two to 15 pounds. This will develop baseline musculature and strength and allow for proper technique and rhythm. Beginners are recommended to do this for about four weeks before progressing to higher level of workout.

Muscle Groups

The weight of a dumbbell can also be determined on the kind of muscle groups you want to focus on during your workouts. For example, bicep curls require 5 to 8 pounds of weight whilst workout for weaker muscles such as the triceps only requires 2 to 5 pounds of weight. If you’re doing squats, you can use weights up to 45 pounds because your glutes and legs are so much stronger than your arm muscles.

Advanced Trainers

Advanced trainers train for muscular endurance thus the need for heavier dumbbells. 15 to 20 pounds will do the trick.

Working Out At Home With Adjustable Dumbbells

If you will be working out at home, then you might want to consider getting adjustable dumbbells. Why?

Quick Transitions

Since the dumbbells are nested, everything you’re going to need for your strength workout is in one place. You will notice how the plates glide smoothly and all you need is a flat, solid surface to set them on. You can change from one weight to another in less than a minute.

Space Saver

Instead of having a huge collection of different dumbbell weights for the home, having an adjustable dumbbell is already everything you need because it’s all in one already. There are some adjustable dumbbells that come with 25 different increments.

Easily Adjusts To Your Strength

Imagine being able to switch easily and much faster back and forth between light and heavy weights apt to your strength? Convenient, right? That’s exactly what you’ll get from adjustable dumbbells.

Durable & High Quality

It actually depends on the brand but most adjustable dumbbells can last you for years, which makes it a great investment.

Starting dumbbell workouts is crucial as this will allow you to learn how to perform the exercises correctly and to avoid injuries. You can’t start with barbels right off the bat. Also, this will help you get used to lifting weight and you can proceed to a more progressive workout.

Now, there are many dumbbells that you will find today. There really is no best dumbbell out there, but you want to get something made from the highest quality and of course, for an affordable price. Although dumbbells are generally inexpensive, you still want to get the best price depending on your budget.

One of the most convenient ways to buy is online. Today, there are now many online fitness equipment stores that carry a wide selection of workout equipment and accessories by reputable brands. You can also speak with a representative online to help you make a more informed decision when you’re shopping for dumbbells.

Important Things To Remember

Now, once you have all of these figured out, it’s time that you start your weigh training. This is very important especially for first-timers because we want to make sure you’re doing your weight training safe and effective!

Never Ever Start Cold

Always, always, always (and we can’t stress this enough) stretch and warm up your muscles before you lift. This gets your blood flowing. You can do some light aerobic exercises to get your body ready for a workout. You can also run or cycle for at least 10 minutes to get your muscles burning and to activate the fat-burning mechanism.

Train To Intensity

Train to intensity that is recommended by your trainer. Always do exercises with the most intensity that you’re capable of in the least amount of time and the same thing applies to weight training. You will notice faster weight loss instead of spending hours working out with minimal effect every time.

Eat a Light Snack After

Don’t eat a heavy meal directly before a workout. Choose a light snack after an intense workout to replace the energy used.

Always Be Efficient

When you are already progressing with your dumbbell workout, it is time to mix it up with barbells as this will make your weight training even more efficient thus giving you better results that you will definitely appreciate.

Take Care of Your Joints

Keep in mind not to lock your knees, elbows or shoulders because this is the fastest way to get injured.

Are you ready for your workout? Go on and pick up a dumbbell. This is one of the fastest way to lose weight and get fat either at the gym or at home.