Exercise Bikes – Do They Still Have a Place in the Gym?

Are exercise bikes really obsolete? Well, before many of these high tech machines showed up, one reliable machine that was popular and effective for losing weight was the stationary exercise bike. All gyms had it, and many homes also invested in them.

Today, with machines like the elliptical and Lateral X, has the exercise bike really gone out of commission? The exercise bike is great for low impact exercise. For those who have joint pains, this piece of equipment is great for exercising. The bike is a machine that can be used as a warm up or a cool down as part of your workout.

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One may ask; why a bike when there are many other more sophisticated machines to choose from? Well for one, the bike is an easy equipment to work with. Most of us know how to ride a bike, so it is not going to be difficult at all. All you do is pedal and lose the calories. There is no routine that you need to remember or program and not much high tech stuff for those who are ‘technology scared.’ You just have a digital screen that records your time, calories and heart rate.

Some bikes also come with handles that can move in sync like the elliptical cross trainer, and this gives you a workout for the upper body too. You can also tighten the resistance for greater effect. The pedaling of course is in your hands!

An exercise bike is an ideal beginner’s piece of equipment which, because of its low impact workouts, will keep you motivated. It is really nothing that one can fail at. At gyms these pieces of equipment are still very popular and very often you may find that these machines are always taken.