Exercise Home Equipment : Precor Treadmills

Exercise Home Equipment : Precor Treadmills

With our busy lifestyle, it has become difficult for most people to stay fit and healthy. Most especially with the growing popularity of fast foods, people now tend to eat junk than healthy food. Thus, the obesity rate most especially in large cities has grown rapidly. If you want to fight obesity and want to stay fit and beautiful, purchasing your own exercise home equipment is a great start. Today, one of your best options is a treadmill and what better way to obtain a high quality and efficient treadmill than to purchase one that is created by Precor.


Precor is one of the most widely known manufacturers of high quality and innovative treadmills and other fitness equipment. One of the best and most popular Precor equipment is the Precor 9.23. With this low impact treadmill, pain in knees, joints and back due to exercise is reduced. Apart from this amazing feature, there are still more features that this Precor exercise home equipment offers.


The 3.0 HP motor of Precor 9.23 can accommodate a continuous exercise session for long hours.  Moreover, it has low tendency to overheat because of its built-in internal fan, which makes it even more reliable. Moreover, it has a wide running area of 20”x57” , which gives you more space for your movements.


What’s more is that this exercise home equipment is integrated with the SmartRate Heart Rate software, which allows you to see your heart rate or do your exercise within the target rate zone.


In addition, in times of machine trouble that results in shutting down of the display info or when the belt suddenly stops during work-out, you may just press the red button and this exercise home equipment automatically resets.


The Precor 9.23 Treadmill has four pre-programmed workouts namely Fun Run, Hill Climb, Walk, and Weight Loss.  If you are a marathon runner who wants to have an intense training, the Fun Run Program fits you. When you choose this workout, you are to run in the treadmill for 10 km under a preset speed and incline. You can also change these specifications according to what is comfortable for you.  If you want to improve your stamina and endurance, Hill Climb Program definitely suits you.  These four different work-out programs, however, do not work for everyone. The best way to know which of them applies to you is to ask help from professional trainers.  They know well how to meet your exercise need depending on your age and weight. They are more familiar of all types of exercise machines and how each of them works.


Perhaps the best thing about Precor treadmills like the Precor 9.23 machine is that they are less expensive compared to other brands. And because they are sturdy and are made to last long, Precor treadmills are preferred by many.


If you want to start your health routine right in the comfort of your own home, having your own exercise home equipment that is efficient and sturdy should be your first move. With your own equipment at home, you can do your exercise at any time of the day.  You can purchase Precor treadmills and other exercise home equipment at fitnessexpostores.com.


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