How Fifteen Minutes Can Change Your Fitness Level

How Fifteen Minutes Can Change Your Fitness Level

Many people have been relatively sedentary for weeks, months, or years. Trying to exercise for 30 minutes or an hour can seem overwhelming. As a result, people get discouraged or may not workout at all. Few people realize fitness can be taken in small segments. Start with fifteen minutes a day to change your fitness level and boost your desire to keep moving. Learn how taking just fifteen minutes for fitness can transform your life and health.


Take it Slow


One of the simplest ways to start exercise is walking. It requires no instruction and a basic pair of walking shoes or sneakers to get started. A walk can be a simple fifteen minute stroll around the block. Take it slow and enjoy your surroundings. Breathe deeply and observe the sights and sounds around you. After just a couple of weeks, you will start to feel energized and look forward to this time to yourself. You might even start to walk longer and faster without realizing it. Wear a pedometer or fitness band to help you gauge your progress.


Any Time is a Good Time


Some people get discouraged if they don’t fit in a walk during the early morning hours or after dinner. Keep in mind any time is a good time. Whether you take a walk during your lunch break or before going to bed, the key is to fit movement into your day. Over time, you will develop a schedule for fitness. However, the main goal when you get started is to keep going. Instead of getting discouraged, keep moving forward.


Twice a Day is a Half Hour


After a few weeks of walking and moving around, you might want to increase your efforts. If you get tired after fifteen or twenty minutes, you can break up your fitness routine. Walk for fifteen minutes before breakfast and fifteen minutes after dinner. These small sessions add up to a half hour of aerobic activity each day. This can help improve your overall health and minimize the possibility of developing chronic diseases. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover you are fitting a half hour of exercise into your busy day.


Forget the Weather


Sometimes exercise routine are disrupted by inclement weather. While you can carry an umbrella in a light rain, if there is a storm you might not want to venture outdoors. Have a treadmill at home so you can fit fifteen minutes into your day when the weather is poor. The Life Fitness F1 is powerful yet can be folded to fit into the smallest spaces. Even if you don’t have extra space, you can fit this treadmill into your home and your daily routine.


If you can’t get motivated to exercise or don’t seem to find the time, just commit to fifteen minutes each day. Sometimes starting small is the only way to get started at all. Stay devoted to giving yourself these fifteen minutes each day and you’ll be amazed at your progress in just a few weeks.