Find Quality Machines at Fitness Expo

Fitness Expo has a variety of high quality exercise machines designed to fit the customer’s individual fitness needs. But how do you know which machine is right for you? There are a multitude of machines, each designed for different types of workouts and targeted at achieving various types of results.

Elliptical Machines
Fitness Expo only carries the top brands of elliptical machines. Companies like Precor and Octane build precision machines that give only the smoothest ride. They also pride themselves in having the best Relative Perceived Exertion, which means you feel like you’re doing less work, though your muscles are receiving an excellent workout.

Rowing Machines
Rowing machines are a great choice for those who want a cardio workout plus a muscle workout. The rowing motion serves two purposes: one—to make your blood flow, increasing circulation; and two—working out almost every muscle in your body.

The Precor AMT
From the inventors of the elliptical machine, an exciting new development in the technology of exercising, the Precor AMT has a forward and back direction, a stair-climbing up and down direction, and a side-to-side direction that simulates the fat burning motion of skiing. Most elliptical machines have preset workout modes such as Fat Burner or Heart Rate Control, plus self-programmable modes, but with the AMT’s Interval mode, coupled with handlebars that provide heavy resistance, the AMT is guaranteed to give you a better workout than any other machine.

Home Gyms
For the men and women who make their own cardio workouts and are looking for more all-around strength training, Fitness Expo has a variety of home gyms that start out at around the same cost as a single cardio machine, with the option to add on later.

Words alone cannot describe the quality and quantity of exercise machines that can be found at Fitness Expo. The only way to truly discover the wealth of workout machines is to visit them at one of their locations in Louisiana—Metairie, Shreveport, Kenner and Baton Rouge—or their location in Jackson, Mississippi. The staff will go in-depth with you to find the perfect exercise machine to keep you in the perfect shape.