Find The Best Dumbbells For Your Free Weight Program

Find The Best Dumbbells For Your Free Weight Program

Using the best dumbbells for your free weight program is important so you do not hurt yourself or fail to achieve the goals you are working to reach in your fitness program. The PowerBlock U-90 dumbbells have many features to help you achieve these goals.


The PowerBlock U-90 Stage I set has a range of 5-50 pounds and can replace a total of sixteen pairs of dumbbells, or 825 pounds of free weights. The set allows for 5-50 pounds per hand and the weight can be adjusted in 2.5 pound increments until reaching 10 pounds, and then the weight is adjusted in both 2.5 pound increments as well as 5 pound increments.


Expand your Stage I set with the Stage II-70 kit, which increases your weight maximum to 70 pounds per hand. Expand your dumbbells further with the Stage II-90 kit and increase the weight maximum to 90 pounds. The final expansion available is the Stage III kit which takes the maximum weight to 125 pounds per hand.


The PowerBlock U-90 dumbbells are made of black urethane for durability and have rounded tops. The sides of each block have been painted with machined steel powder coat colors. Padded wrist supports help to protect your wrists while using the dumbbells to ensure you don’t hurt yourself and to make your experience enjoyable.


The hand grip inside the PowerBlock U-90 dumbbell is contoured to make gripping easier. The non-welded design of the urethane weight plate has been constructed with what is referred to as “flex” technology, and the selector pins have also been designed with the same technology.


Using dumbbells allows you to use your body’s natural movements for a more relaxed and natural exercise routine. Dumbbells allow you to target specific areas of your body for a more precise workout. While using the dumbbells, you should make sure to use the proper stance and positioning, even with these adjustable dumbbells. Even using these dumbbells, you should be sure to have someone spot you while lifting. This added person will make sure that you have support and ensures that you are not overextending yourself. You do not want to drop even the lightest of dumbbells on your foot by pushing more than you can handle and hurting yourself.


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