Fitness and Exercise Equipment Trends to Watch Out For this 2019

Fitness and Exercise Equipment Trends to Watch Out For this 2019

The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) surveys thousands of fitness professionals every year so they can get an idea about health and fitness trends via an electronic form.  

Although there’s no right or wrong way to work out in Baton Rouge, not everyone loves to exercise in the same way as others. 

Fitness trends are a big influence on how many exercisers workout. 

And as time goes by, the fitness industry is always acquiring more and more knowledge on the best ways to define, burn, and optimize the fitness results with the best health and fitness exercise equipment from apps to fitness and exercise equipment repair parts. 

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has ranked top 3 during the last four years and it is said to become even more significant in 2019 thanks to the rising popularity of wearable techs such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, heart monitors, and many more. 

The merge of fitness and tech is expected to grow even more and we can only expect to see more ways to track and monitor your fitness in 2019.

As an example, most of the current fitness equipment offers compatibility with these wearable devices or even include them, especially when it comes to cardio fitness equipment such as the Elliptical Precor EFX222.

Group Training

Group training is any workout with more than five participants. 

This is not the first time group training makes it to the top and thanks to the innovation in the industry it is keeping high on the list with the online group workout classes trending.


High-Intensity Interval Training is still playing a big role in the fitness industry this year, as it did back in 2018. 

A workout based on HIIT focuses on short bursts of high-intensity periods of exercise continued by a short interval of rest. 

This type of workout focuses on getting a quick and very efficient workout, it can be practiced almost anywhere and the workouts are usually 30 minutes long or less, yet they can be longer.

Using cardio fitness equipment for HIIT training provides an intense and calorie burn workout.

 A Precor AMT733 AMT offers natural motion and allows the user to adapt their stride length for a comprehensive cardio workout.

Fitness Programs for Older Adults

We have reached an era where people are living, working, and remaining healthy and active for much longer than they used. And that’s awesome. 

However, as the population ages, it is expected that the fitness equipment and facilities need to accommodate. 

Currently, the equipment on most of the gyms have already become simpler to use and this will continue as time goes by.

Gyms are also trending to put a greater effort into building a more social and friendly atmosphere.

Body Weight Training

Bodyweight training is a workout modality that focuses on using your bodyweight. The human body is an amazing resistance training tool and this is the best way to work it. Bodyweight training offers a convenience factor. 

Almost every bodyweight training are accessible to any fitness level user and it’s easy to modify. Bodyweight training includes push-ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, and planks. 

They can be quite challenging and offer a great workout that can be performed anywhere.

Employing Certified Fitness Professionals

The fitness industry is constantly growing and so do the importance and emphasis on hiring certified professionals. 

It is predicted that the industry will keep the prioritization of hiring professionals with educational programs and certifications accredited for health and fitness professionals.


Yoga has been trending for many years now, ACSM mentions that yoga has taken multiple forms such as Yogilates, Power Yoga, Yoga in hot environments, and more.

Exercises involved in yoga include gentle stretches that will not produce any pain nor hassle and may increase their complex as people continue to practice it, due to the fact that our body turns stronger and flexible. 

Yoga is not only for those persons looking to get fit but for those who also need to get rid of stress and anxiety

Through this practice, people can achieve integral wellness not only to your body but your mind.

Personal Training

Personal training is defined as fitness testing and goal setting with a trainer working one-one with a trainer. It has remained as one of the top 10 trends for more than 10 years. 

The newest trend is the online personal training that makes it even more accessible.

Functional Fitness Training

Functional fitness training uses the exercise to improve coordination, balance, endurance, and strength for everyday-activities. 

A good example of a functional exercise is the squat, which can mimic the motions it takes to bend down and pick something on the floor. 

ACSM mentions that functional fitness training trend is rising thanks to the fitness programs that cater to older adults.

Make This as Your Guide

Some trends come and go but in the fitness world, it stays long. Use these trends to help you start or upgrade your fitness plan and get quality exercise equipment at Fitness Expo while you’re at it.