Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow For Inspiration

Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow For Inspiration

With the increasing popularity of social media, it has been easy to broadcast to a lot of people at the same time. It can be a simple post, photo update, or a video blog. Instagram is one of the places in social media used by many people to showcase their lifestyles. This includes many up and rising fitness influencers.

Fitness Expo influencers can be yoga instructors, athletes, weightlifters, or trainers to the stars. They have made having an active lifestyle so cool and easy to have. It will be so easy to lookup fitness hashtags and see workout videos and fitness tips.

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The Anatomy of A Fitness Influencer

Fitness influencers, especially on Instagram, have accounts that provide fitness ideas. They have gained many followers by sharing workout tips and training advice. A lot of them also share their fitness journey to offer motivation for their followers.

Male and female fitness influencers also have different specialties that they highlight. Some are pros at pull-ups. Others are ex-gymnasts teaching yoga or marathon runners inspiring others to run too.

Can You Trust Fitness Influencers on Instagram?

It can come as a challenge to find influencers that do more than post pictures to gain attention. It is also true that not all fitness influencers offer fitness advice that works.

Others promote workouts that promise results in a short period of time like weight loss. Does it look convincing when the influencer already has abs of steel and svelte legs?

It would be best to look for the biggest fitness influencers on Instagram that know their stuff. They most likely built their following because their content actually works.

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Top 10 Fitness Influencers To Follow On The Gram

You could have set a goal this year to achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle. We have rounded up a list of 10 of the top male and female fitness models that you can start following today. A lot of them offer insightful advice, workout videos, and even generous amounts of memes.

  1. Tally Rye (@tallyrye) – Rye is a personal trainer based in London. She enjoys helping others balance food, body, and fitness. Her work highlights the “mental and physical benefits of exercise.” She currently has 102k plus followers on Instagram.
  2. Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) – Ever heard of the fitness app, Sweat? Well, Itsines is the brains behind the Sweat movement. She continues to motivate and challenge her 12.5 million followers on Instagram. Her workouts and techniques aim to fit individual goals and pace.
  3. Layne Norton (@biolayne) – Norton is a respected weightlifter with 384k Instagram followers. Norton has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and is a two-time USA Powerlifting 93kg National Champ! He continues to inspire his followers through combating health myths and fads.
  4. Sia Cooper (@diaryofafitmommyofficial) – Cooper’s feed provides home workout videos & pregnant guides. As a personal trainer, her workouts often feature a specific body part like hips or abs. She is also loved by her 1.1 million followers for her reality check posts.
  5. Melissa Alcantara (@fitgurlmel) – Alcantara has 1 million followers on Instagram. Her workout videos take inspiration from her own fitness journey. She aims to be candid to the world as possible and offers motivation to her followers.
  6. Brittne Jackson (@brittnebabe) – Jackson calls herself the “Queen of Home Workouts”. Her feed is proof of her dedication to reinventing workouts. There is definitely something different in her updates for her 1.7 million followers.
  7. Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) – Joe Wicks focuses on his goal. He wants to inspire people to have healthy lifestyles through nutrition and fitness. He updates his 3.8 million followers with workout videos and lifestyle tips.
  8. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn) – Jessamyn Stanley is a successful yoga instructor. Stanley continues to inspire her 434.9k followers. She motivates everyone to love their body and be confident in the skin they are in. She also hosts her own podcast called Dear Jessamyn and has a book called Every Body Yoga.
  9. Lyzabeth Lopez (@lyzabethlopez) – Lopez is one of the biggest fitness influencers. Founded the Hourglass workout and updates her 1.7 million followers with inspiration. She is an accomplished personal trainer and nutrition books, author.
  10. Anllela Sagra (@anllela_sagra) – Sagra is a Columbian fitness influencer. Her 11.7 million followers get to see her fitness journey and workouts. She reminds everyone that there are no shortcuts to results.

Remember that you are in charge of your own fitness journey. These fitness influencers can only give tips and advice but you are the one to actually do the work. Contact Fitness Expo now for more tips and advice.