Fitness Trends for the Summer of 2015

Fitness Trends for the Summer of 2015

People are always looking for a quick fix, especially when it comes to getting slimmer to fit into a summer swimsuit. As a result, there are ongoing fitness trends to lure people to try new types of exercise in the hopes they will achieve their goals. Unfortunately, people usually forget about fitness trends as soon as they phase out in a few weeks or months. Consider some of the fitness trends for the summer of 2015 and how to really get the body you want for all the seasons of the year.


What is Rucking?


Inspired by the military, rucking is a fitness activity that has been around for more than a century. Basically, it involves walking around with a weighted back slung over your back. In the military, they are referred to as ruck sacks. Students usually call them backpacks and complain they are overladen with books. Walking around with weight is a way to burn calories and shed pounds. However, carrying too much of a load can lead to back pain and problems. Another option is to use a budget-conscious elliptical at home, such as the Horizon EX59. You can use the handlebars to get an upper body workout and control the speed of your lower body workout. It is easy on your joints and body yet provides a superior workout you can depend on.


What is a Fitness Belt?


Many women are going back to the eighteenth century and wearing corsets to cinch their waists. Men are getting involved in this trend, too, by wearing fitness belts or bands. They are worn for several hours each day, especially during workouts. People perspire and claim they are losing inches and getting fit. It may work for some but can also be a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Water weight may return and people ultimately wind up feeling disappointed. Weight lifting belts are a timeless option, as they keep the back stable while a person lifts free weights. This minimizes the possibility of getting injured and maximizes your workout. Best of all, slow and steady results based on working out the right muscles will give people the bodies they really want.


What is a Fitness Band?


Everyone has a smartphone, tablet or laptop. People tend to be constantly connected to electronics and use apps to keep track of their work, schedules and more. A fitness band is worn around the wrist to gauge how much a person is moving and sleeping each day. This can be helpful if people actually keep track of their activities. Over time, they might forget to wear the band or simply ignore it. Maintaining a journal is an effective way to gauge your fitness and become personally accountable for your actions. Write down the length of your workouts, how many hours you sleep each night and the number of calories you consume each day. Forcing yourself to think about these fitness factors encourages you to do the right thing rather than depending on a device to gauge your progress. Use home fitness equipment that provides detailed information about your workouts, such as the Octane Q47 elliptical.