Fitting in at a Commercial Gym In Metairie & Getting the Workout you Need: A Crash Course

Fitting in at a Commercial Gym In Metairie & Getting the Workout you Need: A Crash Course

It goes without saying that the gym can be an intimidating place. Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, it can be a pretty vulnerable feeling to be surrounded by people who are really fit and in great shape.

Not to mention that the sounds of grunting and weight dropping can be disconcerting (to say the least). Gyms can be as foreign as a strange land to those new to the scene. And they each can (and often do) have their own distinct culture on what’s acceptable and what’s absolutely prohibited.

Check out our handy guide below on how to fit in at your local gym and feel confident during your workout.

Read the rules at your gym

Hey, we get it, nobody likes rules…but you should probably read and follow these if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, or get snitched on by a veteran member for non-adherence.

It’s important to note that gym etiquette rules aren’t just for newbies to follow. Even seasoned gym veterans can (and often do) mistakenly overlook them. Following the rules helps to maintain a safe and positive environment for everyone.

When you first step into your Metairie gym, be sure take a look around and locate the rules that are posted on the walls. If you’re not sure where the rules are posted, or if you’re not sure about what a certain rule means, ask a staff member for help.

Pro Tip: if you don’t want to look like the “new guy/gal” staring at the wall reading rules, see if you can find them on the gyms website, or ask for a copy when signing up.

Shower and wash your gym clothes

Seems logical right? I mean you’re not a caveman (or woman) are you? Remember, gym clothes tend to pick up bacteria, sweat, and the moisture can generate a genuinely disturbing smell in no time flat.

Wash your gym clothes after every use. Some people who use commercial gyms in Metairie store their sweaty gym clothes in the locker until the next time they workout. As you can imagine, after a few rounds of this, gym clothes will smell awful. People at the gym should not be able to smell you coming. As a courtesy to others working out alongside you, you and your gym clothes should be clean and fresh when entering the gym.

It may sound funny to shower prior to working out. You can compare it to rinsing off before you get into a pool. Showering beforehand is one way to ensure that you are clean prior to coming into contact with the gym equipment that everyone has to share. And deodorant…don’t be “that guy”.

Wipe down the equipment after each use

Always wipe down health fitness equipment after each use. Nothing is worse than getting ready to use a piece of exercise fitness equipment and seeing, or worse, touching a sweat puddle. We’ve all seen that person who uses a piece of equipment only to walk away without cleaning up after themselves. You don’t want to be that person.

It’s handy to bring a towel with you to the gym. Many gyms in Metairie provide towels for you to use. If you’re not sure whether your gym provides towels, you can bring your own.

In any event, all facilities should be equipped with disinfectant wipes or spray bottles with disinfectant liquids to help prevent the spread of germs. These are usually located throughout the facility and easy to spot.

Put things back where they belong

Your mother taught you to put away your toys when done playing. Same thing here folks.

After you use something, put it back where it belongs. Dumbbells and kettlebells should go back into their assigned weight slots on the rack. If you’re using a machine, like a Precor 240i Stretch Trainer, reset the pins back to the lowest weight.

If you’ve loaded plates on a machine like on the Hoist HF 5970 squat rack, unload the plates and put them back on their respective racks and so forth and so on. To make things easier, clean up after yourself as you go. Chances are there’s someone waiting for you to finish with a piece of equipment so that they can use it after you. Help to maintain a nice flow for yourself and others, by being mindful of resetting the equipment.

Warm up and cool down

The warm-up and cool down are just as important to your routine as the workout itself. The warm-up prepares your muscles for activity, which prevents injury. Cooling down prevents stiffness and muscle cramping.

But don’t be the guy or gal warming up where you shouldn’t be.

Make sure that you’re not setting up to stretch in a busy walkway, where you’re likely to be interrupted or others might trip over you. Most gyms in Metairie make it pretty clear where the designated stretching areas are. You can usually spot them by the presence of yoga mats and foam rollers. If you’re not sure where you can go, look for a spot away from the equipment, where you’re not likely to be in anyone else’s way.

Other Pro Tips and Tricks

  • The gym is busiest after regular business hours. Try to avoid the rush, if your schedule permits.
  • Bring a towel, your keys, change of clothes (if you’re showering at the gym) and water bottle. You won’t have any need to leave your equipment, so it won’t get taken by someone else before you’re done using it.
  • Bring your own music; it helps to keep you pumped and motivated.
  • Focus on yourself; Use the time at the gym to de-stress from your worries and improve the quality of your health.

Closing thoughts

See, that wasn’t so bad, right? Fitting in at your local gym isn’t rocket science. Don’t be a jerk, follow the rules, and if you’re unsure about something just ask. Should you need any commercial gym equipment for your Metairie gym, you can always check out Fitness Expo.