Five Reasons Having a Fitness Buddy Might Not Be the Right Choice

Five Reasons Having a Fitness Buddy Might Not Be the Right Choice

In an ideal world, a fitness buddy is someone who works out with you, offers motivation, and is always there to encourage you when you fall short of your goals. In reality, a fitness buddy is often a friend, co-worker or neighborhood who is struggling to develop a healthy lifestyle. Consider five reasons why having a fitness buddy might not always be the right choice.


Different Schedules


If your fitness buddy likes to workout in the afternoon and you prefer mornings, it can become a conflict. One of you will always be trying to win the other over. Ultimately, you could both wind up giving up and skipping your workouts. People have different schedules and it is important you can come to an agreement.


Unique Exercise Preferences


Your fitness buddy can’t get enough of Zumba classes but you prefer to have a zen moment in yoga classes. When you go to the gym, you head for the bicycles while your workout buddy jumps on the treadmill. Ultimately, your different workout preferences could wind up separating you. It’s best to discuss them before you agree to workout together. If you can’t come to a compromise, the relationship could falter.


The Absentee Fitness Buddy


You plan to meet your fitness buddy at the gym an hour after you both get out of work. You rush home, put on your gear and head out. When you get to the gym, your fitness buddy is not there. Twenty minutes later you get a text message that your buddy can’t make it. This happens five times in two weeks and it’s starting to make you feel stressed – or worse, discouraged. It’s time to separate from your absentee fitness buddy.


Pushy Is Not Motivational


People enjoy having a fitness buddy to keep them motivated. When you don’t want to go to the gym or you feel like quitting after 10 minutes of walking, your fitness buddy urges you to continue. Keep in mind, pushy is not motivational. If your fitness buddy is insulting or makes you feel guilty for taking a day off for a funeral, it’s time to end the relationship to protect your self-esteem and sanity.


The Lazy Fitness Buddy


Every time you are scheduled to meet each other for a walk, your fitness buddy has an excuse. When your buddy shows up, the entire walk is fraught with groans, complaints, and begging to go back home. Leave this fitness buddy behind so you can move forward into your fitness routine.


There is no substitute for self-motivation. Having a home gym is a motivating force right in your domain. It lures you to get up and go. It’s hard to resist the urge to take an imaginary row down the river on the space-saving Lifecore LCR99 rowing machine. Add to your home gym so you always have a reason to workout – without all the hassles of a fitness buddy that doesn’t fit into your workout plan.