Five Ways to Get off the Sofa and Get Fit This Winter

Five Ways to Get off the Sofa and Get Fit This Winter

The cold weather and post-holiday slump can lead to endless days lounging on the sofa. Whether you surf the Internet, read books or watch television, the bottom line is the same. They are all sedentary behaviors that can cause you to pack on extra pounds. Discover five simple ways to get off the sofa and get fit this winter.


1. Discover Winter Sports


If you never engaged in winter sports, you are never too old to learn. Take lessons so you feel safer and more confident. Winter sports can include fun-loving activities such as ice skating, ice hockey, and skiing. Soon you could be hitting the slopes with a sense of enthusiasm rather than settling into the cushions on your couch.


2. Be Ready for Cold Weather


Half the battle is being ready for cold weather days. It is easy to put off taking a walk or going for a quick run if you have to hunt around for suitable clothing and footwear. Keep everything you need by the door so you are always ready to go. Invest in cold weather workout gear so you don’t have an excuse to stay inside and lounge around all day.


3. Have a Workout Buddy


Accountability is another way to force yourself off the sofa to go workout. Have a workout buddy who checks in with you. This could mean planning a daily walk with your neighbor or committing to walking the family dog every night. You may want to take advantage of discounts at your local gym by joining with a friend. Other options include joining a class at a local community center or participating in an online fitness forum where people share their progress and encourage each other to keep working out.


4. Keep it Local


If your gym is far away or you have a friend several towns over you join for workouts, it’s time to keep it local. While you might be able to maintain those routines in good weather, they might be impossible to achieve if there are several feet of snow outside. Join a local fitness class or visit the neighborhood youth organization to go swimming. Make sure your fitness resources are close to your home or office so you can actually get there to exercise a few times each week.


5. Establish a Home Gym


One of the easiest ways to fit exercise into a winter day is having a home gym. When the equipment is right in your house, there are no excuses to skip workouts. Plus, you can fit exercise into the most convenient time of day. Whether you choose to workout in the morning or late at night, the equipment is always there when you are ready. You never have to venture out into the cold to exercise. If you like your daily walk, invest in a treadmill to keep in your attic, basement or other living space. The Horizon T101-04 is durable and can be folded away when not in use. This makes it possible to have a home gym in the smallest living spaces.