Five Ways to Workout in the Winter and Get Fit for Spring

Five Ways to Workout in the Winter and Get Fit for Spring

When the winter chill sets in, there are few opportunities for outdoor workouts. The days of long walks at the beach and swimming are over. Fortunately, there are five easy ways to work out in the winter to have the fit body you want in the spring.


1. Indoor Bike


Some people enjoy getting on a bike to ride around and see the neighborhood sites. The icy winter roads make it tough to go bike riding outside. A fitness indoor bike such as the BH Fitness LK500UI Upright Bike gives you all the fitness benefits you want without catching a cold. If you miss seeing the scenery, tune into a vacation television station or watch online videos of alluring destinations. You don’t even have to leave the house to have a beneficial aerobic adventure.

2. Rowing Machine


Other people prefer to go out on the water rather than hit the road. Boating, sailing, and rowing are excellent ways to get fit. Not to mention rowers are essential for burning calories. When the water freezes, it is tough to take advantage of these seafaring activities. Keep limber for the upcoming season by working out on a rowing machine. This keeps your upper body strength while you imagine warm days gliding across the water. The Lifecore R88 is an affordable choice that offers appealing features such as preset programs and heart rate control.


3. Treadmill


Walking is a simple way to stay fit. All you need is a good pair of sneakers and some motivation. For this reason, people of all ages like to walk. When the weather is cold and the roads are snowy, few people want to venture outdoors. A treadmill in your house is a great way to walk even when icy sidewalks prevent it. Use your time on the treadmill to watch your favorite television show, read a new book or flip through an interesting magazine.


4. Free Weights


For generations, people have lifted weights to build muscle, balance, and strength. Weights are affordable and fit into small spaces such as a bedroom or apartment. Get weights to boost your workouts and get the eye-catching muscles you always wanted. Keep in mind you need to do both strength training and aerobics to achieve optimum fitness.  Give the Life Fitness Hammer Strenght Olympic Flat Bench a try for your weight journey. Choose a couple of workout DVDs that help you get moving and show you ways to use free weights to help you achieve your fitness goals.


5. Home Gyms


The days of paying for costly gym memberships are over when you get a home gym. Workout your arms, back, chest, legs, stomach and more on one of these amazing machines. Choose from home gyms that use weight or resistance training. Begin small and work your way up to using more weight or greater resistance over time. This helps keep your workouts consistent and productive without straining your body. Even if you are short on space, the Life Fitness G4 Home Gym fits into almost any living area and fitness routine.


Cold winters are no excuse to quit working out Setup a home gym where you can workout regardless of the ice or snow. Working out through the holidays and chilliest days of winter will be worth it once the spring arrives. You’ll feel ready to slip into more revealing clothes without feeling anxious about how your body looks. Workout all winter long, so you can simply have fun in the sun once the warm weather returns.