Four Reasons to Give the Gift of Fitness

Four Reasons to Give the Gift of Fitness

It can be difficult to determine what to give the people you love for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Instead of buying the latest trend that is sure to hit the garbage in a few months, give the people you care about the gift of fitness. Discover four reasons why everyone you know will appreciate the gift of fitness.


1 Show You Care


Nothing shows you care more than a gift of fitness. Let the recipient know you realize they have many items already and you wanted to give them something truly special. Include a note of encouragement to show you really care. Explain how regular exercise can help them live longer so you can spend more time together. Let the people in your life know you want them around by giving a fitness gift rather than a meaningless trinket. You will be helping them to exercise more often and combat chronic diseases. Plus, exercise can reduce stress and make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.


2 Share Positive Energy


Some people might question why you are giving a gift of fitness, especially if they are sedentary or overweight. Share positive energy rather than being judgmental or critical. Your goals are to make them feel good about themselves and start exercising for optimum well-being. Let the recipient know you believe in him or her and want them to experience the joy of regular exercise. Keep the conversation uplifting and encouraging. Explain how just 10 minutes a day can help the feel better and even add years to their lives.


3 Make it Fun


While you might like to run marathons, keep the person’s preferences in mind when you choose a gift of fitness. If your aunt likes yoga, introduce her to hot yoga by purchasing a few sessions. Perhaps your mom used to like dancing. Consider sending her to some Zumba classes to add some spice to her life. If you dad enjoyed biking but has started to slow down, buy him a recumbent bike to help him start moving again. The Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle uses advanced technology to keep the user motivated. There is also a variety of training and entertainment options.


4 Exercise Should Be Accessible


Gifts of exercise should always be accessible and easy to achieve. For example, buying a gym membership to a club located a half hour away might become more discouraging than encouraging for the recipient. It might be wiser to set up a home gym in his or her den, basement or attic. Include a machine for strength training and another for aerobic exercise. If there is limited space, an elliptical can provide an amazing overall workout. The Octane Q47 is the ultimate combination of top-notch features, smooth performance and durable construction.


Let people know you are thinking about their well-being by giving the gift of fitness. Your encouragement and support could make a difference in the lives of the people you care about and it is