Four Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Four Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

The first week of January feels shiny and new. People make resolutions with good intentions to keep them throughout the new year. However, by the end of the month, people often fall by the wayside and slip into bad habits again. Discover four ways to keep your new year’s fitness resolutions for a year of better health and improved confidence.


1. Keep a Journal


One of the most effective ways to stick to your fitness resolutions is to keep a journal. Write down the reasons why you want to improve your diet and exercise more often. Keep track of what you eat and when you exercise. If you fall off track, write down why and what your feelings are. Review the journal periodically to gauge your progress and look for patterns. Discover what makes you want to exercise and when you tend to get discouraged. This can help you find innovative ways to stick to your new year’s resolutions and learn more about yourself in the process.


2. Become Part of a Group


Some people find it difficult stay motivated on their own. Joining a group can be an excellent way to keep up with your fitness goals. Being part of a group encourages you to share your progress and see how others are maintaining their goals. It also makes you accountable for your actions. There are weight loss groups, exercise classes and gyms that offer both. Take a few tours and join the group that makes you feel most comfortable. If you feel at ease with the group, your chances for success are better.


3. Work with a Physical Trainer


For other people, a group situation might be uncomfortable or intimidating, especially if you haven’t worked out for years. A physical trainer is another way to help you stick to your new year’s fitness resolutions. Once you make this financial investment in your fitness, you are likely to feel more obligated to take the trainer’s advice. A physical trainer can come to your home, a local gym or wherever you want to workout. The trainer may provide advice about exercise, diet and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your fitness goals. This one-on-one attention could be exactly what you need to success this year.


4. Have Workout Gear at Home


Often people are running from work to school to family obligations without any free time. This can make it difficult to include fitness in your hectic daily routine. By the time you are ready to workout, it might be dark outside and the gym could be closed. Having workout gear at home makes it easier to include workouts in your busy day. Whether you decide to get up early or workout while dinner is in the oven, you can squeeze movement into your schedule. If you are returning to exercise, consider using a vibration machine. In as few as three workouts per week, you can see results when you use the Power Plate my3 vibrating machine.


All it takes is a little planning and dedication to stick to you new year’s fitness resolutions through the help of Power Plate my3 vibrating machine.