Full Body Workouts Include Your Central Nervous System

Full Body Workouts Include Your Central Nervous System

When people workout, they often include obvious body parts in their regime, such as the arms, legs, abdomen and back. It is also important to keep in mind the organs and systems that need to be worked out every day for the best possible health. These include your heart and central nervous system. Find out how to incorporate your central nervous system into your daily workouts for better balance, clarity and longevity.


What is the Central Nervous System?


The action of the central nervous system starts with your spinal corn. It gets messages from your joint, muscles, and skin. It has nerves that help to control all the movements you make. The most complex part of your central nervous system is your brain because it sends out instructions to your entire body. Exercising helps you become more alert and focused. Many people discover it helps them think with better clarity throughout the day and sleep better at night. Getting your central nervous system into action before your workouts can help to make them more beneficial to your whole body. This is known as a “crossover” effect as all your body parts interact and help each other.


Warming Up Matters


Before you start to life weights, do aerobics or engage in resistance training, remember to warm up your body. Warming up is also a way to ignite your central nervous system and get it in gear for the workout ahead. These exercises are designed to get you going rather than wear you out. They should be done with intensity for a short duration so you don’t get overtired before your workout begins. Consider a few ways to warm up and get ready for a complete body workout that includes your central nervous system.


Warm Up Exercises


Warming up doesn’t have to be time-consuming or grueling. In fact, usually it takes just five minutes, much like cooling down. The benefits it offers your body are well worth the extra time and effort. Simple exercises to help you get warmed up include squatting, kettle bell swings, push-ups, and jump squats. Do stretches, such as reaching for your toes and reaching toward the sky. These type of movements kick your central nervous system into gear and help get your body ready for a great workout that provides full body benefits. Don’t overdo your warm up exercises. The goal is to feel warm and ready for action, not fatigued and sore.

Building Your Muscles and Body


Activating your central nervous system can help you build your muscles and get a great workout. It will take time to see results. It is important to be patient and eat a balanced diet with no added fats, sugars, and salt to really start achieving your goal of total well-being. Get a full body workout by using the HOIST Mi7Smith Functional Training System, an innovative home gym that maximizes space and provides an incredibly efficient workout. Consider using a full-body elliptical machine for added aerobic benefits, such as the LX8000 lateral elliptical for the ultimate cross-training workout right in your own home.