Fun Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Fall Routine

Fun Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Fall Routine

The fall brings busy days when the children head back to school and summer vacations for workers come to an end. This means it can become more of a challenge to fit exercise into each day. Discover fun ways to fit exercise into your fall routine so you can stay healthier and happier.


Fall Hikes Are Fantastic


There are a variety of hiking trails to visit during the fall. One of the wonders of hiking in the fall is checking out the colorful foliage. The leaves on the trees are beautiful hues of orange, red, yellow and burgundy. The cooler weather makes it less stressful to take long walks because you aren’t perspriing in the hot summer sun. It feels so good to hike in the fall and soak up the beauty of season that you might not even realize you’re exercising.


Go Apple and Pumpkin Picking


Apples and pumpkins seem to be the harvest symbols of the fall season. They are also healthy to include in your diet. Instead of buying them at the local market, visit a farm to go apple and pumpkin picking. It is an excellent way to get moving and reap the tasty delight of your harvest. Bring the family along so everyone shares quality time together and gets some healthy physical activity.


Row Your Boat


Once the summer ends, many people put away their boats and focus on their responsibilities. This means the water is less crowded and more peaceful. You can row your boat down a stream, lake or river so you can appreciate the colors of fall. Plus, rowing is an excellent way to fit exercise into your fall routine. You may also decide to catch some fish for a tasty, low-fat dinner.


Take an Evening Stroll


Fall evenings are cool, lovely and filled with stars. Take an evening stroll after dinner to relax and burn off some calories. Make plans to walk with a friend, family member or neighbor so you feel obligated to exercise. Enjoy the fresh air and feel the benefits of taking a 10 or 15 minute walk each night. If you like biking, take a ride after dinner.


Create the Same Feelings at Home


Fall is a wonderful season, but it is fleeting. Before you know it, the cold winter weather has arrived. Make sure you are prepared by setting up an exercise center at home. Emulate your favorite fall activities so you look forward to working out each day. A LifeCore LCR 100 rowing machine will remind you of the fall afternoon when you rowed down the lake. Taking a ride on the Life Fitness C3 Upright provides a quiet, smooth ride that will bring you back to observing fall foliage in the evening.


Exercise should be fun and feel good, just like many fall activities. When the weather starts to cool down, it is a time to welcome the action-packed day of fall. Bring that activity into the winter, regardless of the weather, by establishing your own well-equipped home gym.