Get a Full Workout with the Vectra 1450

Get a Full Workout with the Vectra 1450

The Vectra 1450 has revolutionary designs from commercial weight machines brought into an in-home gym system. It isn’t necessary to go into a brick and mortar gym to receive the results of a workout that you would be proud to display throughout the summer months.


The Vectra 1450 is a space efficient, compact system that will fit perfectly into any corner of your home gym. There are few adjustments that this gym will require so that your workout time is maximized. This bench based gym is comfortable, will help you achieve the proper positioning for a full workout and maximize the time you can put into each workout.


The weight machine includes all the important positions and lifts you need to achieve maximum potential. The lying leg curl position has adjustable contoured leg rollers and the exercise can be performed in the traditional position. It doesn’t matter the height of your ceiling. You never have to worry about the Vectra 1450 touching the paint or scuffing it up. The adjustable high pulley ensures that your ceiling is safe while accommodating the physical characteristics of any user. And no matter what position you’re in, you will be able to easily reach the weight stack to make adjustments.


The weight stack of the Vectra 1450 is available in either 160 pounds or 210 pounds, based upon your preference and current capabilities. Each one is powder coated and machined cast iron for a durable, lasting finish. The selector shaft is alloy and the set comes with a premium selector pin.


The bench has seven positions for the back and four positions for the bench bottom. It comes with a spring loaded wheel, a bench angle indicator and a handle for easier bench positioning.


The Vectra 1450 has a versatile environment to make squats, dips, calf raises, shoulder shrugs, flat and decline bench presses. Equipment is also designed for press arms with twenty positions for extended use and workouts. Cross chest fly arms and leg developers are standard and can be performed in the traditional fashion, while maintaining the space and quality you have become accustomed to.


Choosing a weight machine for home use can be very important. You want to make sure you have one that will fit into your home and won’t take up too much space. You also want to make sure that you have one that will give you the ability to reach your fitness goals, while allowing multiple people in the family to use the equipment.


The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Fitness Expo Stores of Louisiana and Mississippi have made it their business to know the different equipment available. They will help you choose one that will fit your lifestyle while also making sure your choice will give you the results you are looking for.


Once you have made your choice, our staff will deliver the equipment to your home and help you set it up. We will then make sure it is functioning and that you are comfortable with it before we leave. We want you to be satisfied.