Get Better Performance from the TF20 Classic

Get Better Performance from the TF20 Classic

A great residential treadmill is essential for getting a good cardio workout at home. However, when it comes to home fitness setups, finding enough space for a treadmill can often be a challenge. In addition, not all treadmills offer the same features so it can be challenging to find a treadmill that has all of the performance features. Here are a few ways in which the TF20 Classic delivers high performance while working out at home.

Easy to Use

The TF20 Classic Treadmill offers several features on its console that make it easier to get started with working out right away. All that a user needs to do in order to start is to hit the Go button! The large display also makes reading workout statistics easy. Users can track the time, distance, calories, speed, incline, pace and heart rate all on a single display. In addition, the TF20 Classic offers preset workout programs that will allow the user to workout at his or her own pace. The TF20 Classic also allows users to adjust the incline and speed right from the console for more challenging workouts.


In addition to the metrics tracking offered by the TF20 Classic, the TF20 Classic can also obtain readings on your heart rate via contact grips and a telemetric receiver. These features work to ensure that users receive the best workout possible while using the TF20 Classic.

Easy to Store

The TF20 Classic is a folding treadmill which means that it can be easily stored away. For fitness enthusiasts that need a residential treadmill that takes up less space, the TF20 Classic folding treadmill is an excellent option. Store the treadmill under a bed in a closet. Then when it is time to workout, the treadmill simply has to be unfolded and the workout can begin.

Comfort Features of the TF20 Classic

The TF20 Classic also incorporates several features for comfort, the Ultra Zone cushioning system will ensure that users get the best possible performance from the treadmill while minimizing the impact on the joints. In addition, the handlebars feature foam grip for increased comfort and to prevent slippage during use. The TF20 Classic also offers dual vertical support bars in order to help users maintain their balance during use. All of these features are intended to make the TF20 Classic more accessible for casual users while providing the advanced features that experienced fitness enthusiasts need in a residential treadmill.

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