Get Started On Your Workout With The Vision TF20

Get Started On Your Workout With The Vision TF20

If you are ready to prepare for the summer season, the Vision TF20 is a great way to get started on your workout. This entry level piece of equipment is a way to start your workout, especially if you are new to the routine or it has been some time since you worked out.


The Vision TF20 has three different consoles available with the treadmill, each one designed to give you the best workout routine and results that will satisfy you in a short amount of time. All three treadmills share a folding frame for ease of storage, as well as a foam grip and vertical support bars. The drive motor is 2.75 CHP Johnson Drive system.


The TF20 Classic console has an extra-large LED screen. The feedback this console provides includes heart rate, incline, calories burned, pace, distance, speed and time spent working out. The TF20 Classic console has five programs of intervals, weight loss, target heartrate based on speed, fitness test, and a manual program. Heartrate can be monitored through the contact grips and Polar wireless receiver.


The TF20 Elegant+ has a touchscreen that is 10” big with high-definition. This consoles provides feedback that includes total time working out, speed, time remaining in your programmed workout, incline, time elapsed, average pace, clock readings, pace, heart rate, METs, max heartrate, watts, percentage of max heartrate, calories burned per hour, target heartrate, calories burned during current workout, and distance. The TF20 Elegant+ has the same programs as the TF20 Classic as well as 5K, 10K, calorie goal, Sprint 8, heartrate incline, percentage target heartrate based on speed, sprint, and 2 virtual active HD videos for a total of fifteen programs. Monitor your heart rate with the contact grips, a Polar wireless receiver and the chest strap that comes with the machine. The TF20 Elegant+ comes with Virtual Active Integration and is Passport Ready.


The TF20 Touch+ has 15.6” touch screen display with high definition. The feedback this console provides is the same as the TF20 Elegant+. The TF20 Touch+ has all the programs of the TF20 Elegant+ plus three customer programs and a program that you can save, for a total of nineteen programs. This treadmill also comes with the contact grips, Polar wireless receiver and chest strap included. The TF20 Touch+ comes with Virtual Active Integration, is Passport Ready, has workout tracking, includes speakers, and has iPod/iPhone integration.


Come into one of our Fitness Expo Stores in Louisiana or Mississippi and meet with our fitness equipment educated staff members. We will work with you to find the right piece of equipment for your home gym and make convenient arrangements to deliver the treadmill to your home and set it up. Once we have setup the equipment, we will go over the features with you to make sure you are comfortable and happy with your decision. We will also help with servicing the equipment in the future if any needed. We look forward to help you with your fitness equipment search.