Getting to Know Your Fitness Machines

Getting to Know Your Fitness Machines

You are now on the road to becoming your best, slowly making improvements in your life, career, and finances. This includes improving your health by getting rid of junk food for good and start doing some exercises.

Planning a workout adventure can include investing in a new set of fitness equipment. There’s no denying that having an at-home fitness equipment can do wonders on how you work out. It’s more practical and you don’t have to wait your turn every hour to use it. Unlike the gym, having your own equipment means you can use it whenever you want.

The selection of exercise machines can be overwhelming. The first step is getting to know the common fitness equipment.

Below is a brief yet comprehensive list of fitness machines, their uses, and how it benefits certain body and muscle groups.


Runner s have rejoiced when the first treadmill came into the market in the late 70s and early 80s. Treadmills are designed to mimic one’s movement while running, walking or jogging. This machine has been a favorite standby among individuals who are not too keen on doing their runs outside.

They are great for cardio exercises and burning calories, as well as strengthening your legs. Treadmills these days are equipped with technologies that enable you to adjust speed and track your distance.

Elliptical Machines

Known to have a number of benefits, elliptical machines stress your cardiovascular system, making your heart stronger with continuous use. They also work your muscle groups including glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Elliptical machines’ full body workout doesn’t actually equate to strength training, but it will help you develop muscle strength and even endurance. Besides these factors, they also improve one’s mood and minimize mineral loss.


The rowing machine is another alternative for individuals who want to experience rowing on a boat, but find rowing on an actual body of water intimidating. Just like the treadmill, rowers mimic the movement of a user’s arms and hands, giving an impression that you are rowing on an actual boat.

It just doesn’t work out one area of your body–in fact, your whole body benefits from using this machine. So expect the overall burn as you go along. Up for cardio with this machine? You’re in luck because it is also a great equipment to add to your cardio roster. Rowing machines are also known to build strength in your heart, lungs, and entire cardiovascular system.

Single Stations

Single stations are mostly used by bodybuilders for their strength training since it involves pushing, pulling, and subjecting your body to heavier exercises. There are different types of single station machines, each targeting certain parts of your body and muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, glutes, legs, shoulders, and back.

Free Weights

Basically, the easiest exercise equipment to grace the fitness industry, free weights come in various sizes, all can serve as an aid for your exercises. The weights are helpful tools whether you want to do a Russian twist, varied arm and leg exercises, as well as cardio. Start with lighter weights if you’re a beginner and gradually make your way up like doing squats with a barbell or go all out with heavier weights.


Stationary and spin bikes are perfect when you’re not in the mood to cycle outside. They also have the same benefit as actual bikes, except you’re doing it in the confines of your home while watching your favorite show on television. Bikes have built-in trackers so you can see how long you’ve been cycling and the distance you have covered in a certain amount of time. Working out on a bicycle also strengthens your legs and thighs, as well as improve your cardiovascular system and endurance.

Getting Quality Exercise Equipment

These are some of the most common exercise machines that you can use as a beginner. If you want to challenge yourself during this phase, check out the rest of the machines from Fitness Expo. With stores in Baton Rouge, Metairie, Kenner, Shreveport, and Jackson area, you can expect that there are many selections of machines to choose from besides the one we compiled above.

Consistency is Important

Remember that using a machine doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll see immediate results. You still need to take clean eating into account and of course, consistency. These fitness machines serve as helpful tools in making your workout easier. Not to mention the fun you’ll experience once you start using it.