Getting Your First Treadmill

Getting Your First Treadmill

Treadmills are the most popular machines in gym since they are easy to use. Wherever gym you go to, you will always see these machines lining up the other side of the place. Treadmills mimic the pace and motion of running, walking or jogging. It’s a convenient machine that works wonders on one’s body.

Even it’s fun walking or jogging outside, sometimes occurrences such as weather don’t seem to go well with your routine. A treadmill machine is a great investment and can be a replacement for your running regimen when the weather isn’t friendly outside.

Is first time buying a treadmill? Worry not, because we have the ultimate guide to getting the best running machine for your workout.


The number one factor that is on top of your list. It also applies to any gym equipment you want to buy for your home. Treadmills aren’t cheap given that they are large and have heavier manpower than other machines. Don’t settle for too good to be true prices–quality is always the winner. Get one as much as you can because you’ll be using this machine for a very long time.

If you want to get a treadmill machine that promises stability and better motors, you might need to fork over a thousand dollars for it. After all, it’s an investment; get the best ones and remember good motors mean high-quality treadmills.

Motor and Horsepower

Your treadmill’s motor is an important concern as well. If you want to find out the lifeline of a treadmill machine, start with its motor. A typical treadmill has two motor parts: a driving belt and raising and lowering the incline. Since not all of us have an in-depth knowledge regarding motors and horsepower, resort to at least 2.5 to 3.0 horsepower.


Just like buying a phone, a treadmill is also equipped with the following specifications to suit a user’s need. Keep in mind of the following components while shopping for your new treadmill:

  • Control panel should be user-friendly. Stay away from complicated buttons.
  • Choose a treadmill incline that goes up to 10% or higher.
  • Belt size must be 48” long and 16” wide.
  • Running bed should absorb shock and the belt shouldn’t move all over the place while your feet are in motion.
  • It must be sturdy; that means no shaking when you run or walk on it

Ask Yourself

Remember that you will be the owner and sole user of this machine, to determine what you want to get from it. Most fitness clubs and even machines offer program features that will make your workout more enjoyable and worthwhile.

This include

  • ·         Walking or running programs
  • ·         Linking your treadmill to a fitness website
  • ·         A heart rate monitor
  • ·         A distance indicator to track your progress

Test Drive It

Don’t buy a machine just because you have all the specs figured it out. Trying it out before deciding to purchase it is the best way to go. Louisiana-based Fitness Expo lets their customers try on a machine first before taking the final decision.

If you already have a machine or brand in mind, you can always ask them if they have it available on their roster.

Buy from a Trusted Store

Don’t be easily swayed by cheap treadmills. As much as that sounds tempting, a machine that is of high-quality is usually within the $1,000 and above bracket. When it comes to buying home fitness equipment or gym exercise equipment, Fitness Expo has got all bases covered. They offer machines such as treadmills, bikes, rowers, and single stations manufactured by the best brands in the country. Head over to their Jackson store to start trying their treadmills and other machines. See matrix simple treadmill.

Now that you are armed the necessary information, go out there and use them to get yourself a treadmill that will last for years to come. Good luck!