Gym Quality Workout At Home With The Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle

Gym Quality Workout At Home With The Vision V-Series Indoor Cycle

If you want to improve your health with an in-home gym, you should take a serious look at the Vision V-series Indoor cycle. Keeping a steady exercise program with at a brick and mortar gym is often difficult for the everyday person. We maintain a full time job, want to spend time with our families and still need at least six hours of sleep a night. Sure, people love to say that if it is important, we will make time for it. However, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we need to and still maintain a healthy exercise program.

The Vision V-series Indoor cycle offers a productive indoor workout that will meet many of your needs. Whether during the off-season for weather and marathons, which is the perfect time to train for a long distance run, or during the main season of marathons and beautiful weather, this indoor cycle provides you the best performance possible.

The cycling saddle is ergonomic, which helps with preventing the sore backside that many of us receive from an inferior piece of equipment. The handlebars are adjustable to the most minute movement. This allows you to make the whole cycle more comfortable so that you will want to use it every day. To make the basics of this cycle even more appealing, the seat is a slider adjuster. Whether you are tall and your mate is shorter, you both can use this cycle comfortably and for many years to come.

The cycle offers outstanding features. An indoor cycling computer is available and is sold separately. The computer tracks the rider’s heart rate, cadence in movement, distance, time spent riding and total calories burned. All of this will help you achieve your fitness goals, while allowing multiple users to use the cycle. The tension control is covered by a rubber grip and allows for minute adjustments to the resistance.

The Vision V-series Indoor cycle has a 40-lbs flywheel. This flywheel provides just the right amount of inertia to simulate riding an outdoor bicycle. So the multiple users in your household will never know the difference in how their workout progresses. They even come to prefer staying indoors to going out. With the many issues riders experience today, wouldn’t it be preferred to stay in the house where you know they will be safe while exercising?

The staff at Fitness Expo will help you find the right equipment for your in-home gym. We want to make sure the equipment you purchase and take home is going to help you achieve your fitness goals. We are concerned about your health, and we make that our main focus while discussing the many types of equipment in our eight locations with you. It will be our pleasure to help you setup your equipment at home and service it if anything should need extra attention.

Come into the Jackson, Mississippi location today so we can discuss your fitness needs and the goals of you and your family.