Joining a Gym vs Working Out at Home: Which One is Better?

Joining a Gym vs Working Out at Home: Which One is Better?

So, you want to become fit and healthier but are not certain whether you should get a gym membership or get your own workout equipment.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question as both options have their upsides and downsides.

The best solution depends on your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at each option with the aim of helping you make an informed decision.

Joining a Gym

The gym is a temple for many individuals, but some avoid it at all costs.

There are various types of gyms and memberships to suit every budget and taste.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of joining a gym.

The Benefits of Joining a Gym

The Equipment

The best thing about getting a gym membership is the equipment you gain access to.
Even relatively small gyms have an array of machines for cardio and weight training, as well as gym balls, dumbbells, barbells, etc.

They also provide the space you require for workouts without risking injury to yourself and other gym members.


Workouts can be quite demanding, particularly when lifting weights or doing high-intensity interval training.

That is why some luxury gyms have facilities like steam rooms, swimming pools, and saunas. The more fancy ones ideally offer massages and other treatments to help clients recover from their workouts.

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The Downsides of Joining a Gym

Getting There

Unless the gym is within walking distance from your premises, you have to factor in going there and back.

This can be off-putting, even if the facilities have free car parking spaces and are within walking distance from some kind of public transport. If you’re on a fixed budget, then you need to consider the transport cost.

Monthly Memberships

The cost of joining a gym as well as paying for the privilege monthly or annually is an obvious downside.

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to work out in a gym.
If you’re on a budget, then opt for pay as you go plans. If you intend to work out only once or twice a week, then a daily pass proves to be the best solution.

Working Out at Home

We have seen numerous body transformations occur from home. Working out at home might be free and convenient, but it can also be limiting as you progress. Here are a few pros and cons.

The Benefits of Working Out at Home


The biggest benefit of home workouts is convenience.

You do not have to make an effort to get there or wait for others to finish to start your session. You do not even have to dress for the sessions.

Simply place your workout mat on the floor and do your exercises any time you wish without being judged.

Ego-Free Workouts

There’s a lot of insecurity in gyms where you will come across individuals lifting weights to boost their egos and make them look stronger, bigger and better than those around them.

They are easy to spot, and if you pay too much attention, you can easily fall into the pressure. With a home gym or space to workout at home, you don’t have to deal with such.

The Downsides of Working out at Home

Risk of Injury

Exercising at home is usually inspired by online videos and tutorials. This is good, but it comes at the cost of proper form.

Simply put, you can easily get into the habit of doing the workouts incorrectly. This not only limits your results but also puts you at the risk of injury.

Ensure you know how to do each exercise before you include it in your routine.

Limited Equipment

Unless you have invested in a fully equipped gym, chances are you’ll outgrow the equipment and thus limit your potential.

This is not an issue if you are just getting started.

However, as you progress, you may want to perform workouts that need heavier weights, a pull-up bar or bench capable of handling your weight or movement range.

The Takeaway

As you can see, both options have their share of pros and cons.

The best one for you depends on your lifestyle, fitness level, and budget. There’s no right or wrong option, but you have to be realistic in regard to your expectations.

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