Handy Home Fitness Equipment for Convenience

Handy Home Fitness Equipment for Convenience

The value of exercise is well-known and we as individuals know how such activity can do wonders to our physical and mental health. Fitness experts and personal trainers recommend that people engage in moderate cardiovascular activity and strength training activity every week, to remain fit and healthy into old age. Brisk walking or going for a jog can count as a cardiovascular activity. Strength training activity is a little harder to engage in since you are involving your muscle group to withstand body strains. It also helps your body protect itself from injuries.

Bodyweight exercises are certainly an option, but they aren’t the most exciting thing to do, and sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand.

Not All Bodies are Created the Same

Not everyone can have the endurance, strength and even will to jump into fitness. Some have health issues or medical conditions that prevent them from even lifting a light set of weight. At home fitness equipment has been a norm for most people who have busy schedules. This is also more comfortable than sweating off in a public gym.

Some people join the gym to use the machines and the barbells and dumbells. While this is a great option, it takes time to travel to the gym, park up, get changed, exercise, shower and return home. It’s so much easier to stay motivated when you can pick up some equipment at home and exercise while watching TV. It’s even better if you can do that without needing to dedicate an entire room to your fitness equipment.

Home is Where You Get Fit: Where to Start

The good news is that there’s no shortage of options when it comes exercising at the confines of your home. There are lots of versatile, small and light bits of equipment that you can use to get a great full-body workout. Here are some simple machines to get you started.

Pull Up Bar

You can get pull up bars that will hook over your doorframe and let you do some great exercises, including basic pull up exercises, chins, muscle ups and more. These bars don’t take up much space at all and are brilliant for building upper body strength.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the ultimate go-to in portable fitness equipment. Many people get their first introduction to them in the form of rehab or prehab equipment. If you’ve ever had a sports injury you have probably used resistance bands to help strengthen up the damaged part. They are good for so much more than that, though. You can also use them to provide assistance on bodyweight exercises, help with stretching, and do highly adaptable strength training. Put one in your suitcase when you go on holiday and you can workout anywhere.


Kettlebells are great for both cardio and strength training. Kettlebell swings can be performed anywhere that gives you enough space to stand up and straighten out your arms in front of you. Turkish get-ups can be performed anywhere that has sufficient space for you to lie down on the floor and stand back up again. You can get huge benefits from just a couple of kettlebells and because the exercises include dynamic swings you don’t need to have very heavy weights to still get huge strength benefits. This makes kettlebells one of the best pieces of home exercise equipment on the market.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers aren’t specifically for strength or flexibility but they are a low-cost workout aid that can be invaluable for recovery between sessions. They are firm rounded tubes that you rest on and roll against your muscles. They use a principle called myofascial release to help with the breakdown of scar tissue on the muscles, to relax knots, and to improve circulation. This means that you’ll feel more limber and less stiff after a session of rolling. This is a great cooldown option for people who are healthy, but may be contraindicated for those with injuries.

Ab Roller

The ab roller might look like a gimmick, just like those old ‘crunch machines’ that were advertised on late night TV, but it’s actually an incredible workout aid. Just try doing some ab rollouts and you will see for yourself how hard they are. This is an exercise that really engages your core and that takes control and stability. Try Fitness Expo’s Ab Roller CTL, a user-friendly machine that is great for beginners and advanced users alike.

Invest in a Product that Stays True to Its Word

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