Have a Fantastic Fitness Party to Stay Motivated

Have a Fantastic Fitness Party to Stay Motivated

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts need to find ways to stay motivated and mix up their usual workout routines. Turn your home gym into party central but forget about fattening foods and drinks. Instead, have a fantastic fitness party where everyone can share their exercise tips and ideas.


Choose the Right Venue


Instead of having a party in your living room, transform your workout area into a party zone. Have healthy choices, such as water bottles and fresh vegetables to nibble on. Put up printed pages with motivational messages to get partygoers in the mood. Tape a brief instruction sheet to your home workout machines and you’re ready to get the party started right.


Bring Your Own Gear


When you invite people to your fitness party, let them know they should bring their own gear. This includes fitness DVDs, small workout equipment, fitness trackers, magazines, and anything else that might give everyone new ideas to add to their workout routines. Encourage everyone to bring a healthy snack. Let them know the only permissible goodies are whole foods and calorie-free beverages.


Create a Competition


What is a party without a few games? Create a competition using your workout equipment. For example, the person who can burn the most calories in five minutes on the Life Fitness F1. Even if you have a small home, this compact treadmill is sturdy but folds away when not in use. Plus, it has iPod compatibility and charging to keep the party going.

Watch a Movie

Put out some plain popcorn and water bottles while you watch clips of your favorite fitness shows. Another option is to plug in a DVD and get everyone to workout together. From yoga to Zumba, there are options to please any party crowd. Plus, it is a fun way to get everyone moving and nobody needs to know how to dance.


Play Childhood Games


Do you remember playing games when you were a kid? You can bring some of these games into your fitness party for a blast from the past that gets everyone up on their feet. If the weather is inclement, get an animated game of musical chairs going in your kitchen or dining room. When the weather outside is good, there are limitless options. From kick the can to volleyball, you can relive your childhood and get a great workout at the same time.


Spin the Bottle


Another childhood game many people played was spin the bottle. The big difference is this game of spin the bottle will help everyone find his or her ideal fitness partner for a week. These dynamic duos will have to check in with each other every day to stay motivated. From working out together to establishing an online fitness diary, the couples need to find a way to stay connected and inspire each other to keep working out.


Who says parties have to make you feel guilty? A fitness party is a healthy way to get everyone together to focus on having fun and improving their health.