The HF-4170 Fold-Up Olympic Bench for Free Weight Strength Training

The HF-4170 Fold-Up Olympic Bench for Free Weight Strength Training

The HF-4170 Fold-Up Olympic Bench is one of the top options for free weight strength training. Fitness Expo Stores has a wide section of weight benches and this model ranks as one of our top products. If you are planning to invest in a weight bench, here are the most important features that you should have a closer look at on this model.

8 Adjustable Positions
This weight adjusts in a multitude of positions including flat, incline decline and shoulder. The range of positions allows you to do a variety of exercises and also ensures that your back is fully supported in order to avoid injuries. You will be able to perform all of the exercises you need for strength training and competitive bodybuilding with this bench.

Bar Storage
The HF-4170 Fold-Up Olympic Bench allows you to store your bar when the bench is in the upright position. This eliminates the problem that you find with most low end benches that lack this feature. The bar storage also features a pull-pin lock for secure storage of the bar to ensure your safety.

Easy Storage
The HF-4170 Fold-Up Olympic Bench folds up in order to make for easy storage. If you do no have a lot of room to create your home gym, this weight bench would be a good option so that you can easily store the bench away in a closet or corner of the room. Then you can easily unfold it when you are ready to work out.

High Weight Limits
The HF-4170 Fold-Up Olympic Bench has a high weight limit at 600 pounds. This weight bench is ideal for users that are looking to continuously increase the amount of weight that they are lifting.

Strength training and bodybuilding both require that you have high quality equipment in order to ensure that you lift with proper form and that you can avoid injuries. If you are considering a weight bench for your home gym, then this model should be one to consider.

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